Coordinate breathing with movement

1,2,and 4 can use one cycle breathing (one inhale and exhale) or 2 cycle breathing ( inhale and exhale, inhale exhale)

1.a. Raise hands inhale and hold breath and hands push down, raise hands again (still holding breath). exhale while pushing down again. repeat

b. raise hands inhale, lower hands exhale.

2. Raise hands inhale, exhale push to front, inhale and open hands to side, exhale hands float down. repeat

3.Palm strike out alternate to down.

4. arms rise from side and inhale, exhale hands to front, inhale bring hands to chest, exhale hands push down. repeat

5. wave hands like clouds/ hold ball. repeat

6. Arms swing front to back in taiji stance. repeat

7. old style brush knee left and right (like wind blow lotus leaves style or while crane spreads wings). repeat

8. body and arm coiling in taiji stance (left and right). repeat

9. taiji stance opening and closing diving figure 8 arms. repeat

10. finish in wu ji posture