13 techniques of taiji jian -xianhao cheng

These are specific to taiji while the above is more common in traditional and modern wushu.

1. Tsou- thrash- the power is on blade (to fight) and arm should be straight. Yang sword (fenghuang tai tou) pheonix spreads wings fajing movement.

2. Dai- Bring dowm- similar to thrash but from right to left- parting grass step back movement

3. Ti- lifting- bring the handle up; slide opponets wrist with sword tip downward- "dipper sword movement"; slicing stomach area with last edge of sword.

4.Ger- deflect- use the part near handle and the body instead of sharp edge to avoid the damage of the sword. use "falling flowers- (lou hua shi) back step

5. Ji-strike- form the power on the tip. technique is on the wrist. "catch a fish"-diaoyu shi

6. Tse- prick- Power is on the elbow. (same technique used in shaolin sword)- powerful thrust out

7. Dian-drop- with the tip strike up to downward; swallow touches the eart -yanzhi xian ni

8.beng- bounce- suddently drop the wrist and use tip to strike opponents wrist. use jump-step back

9. Jiao- stir- stick on the incoming weapon and use the blase to wrap the weapon and strike. mustang over ravin- yema tiao jian.

10. Ya- press- expose power downward suddenly and attack.

11. Pi- chop- use the edge cut from lower blade to upper blade.- dusting the wind; yin feng dan chen

12. Jway-Intercept- stop opponent weapon upward. To left and right is called deflect. deflect upward and attack forward fast.

13. Zhi- slide- Redirect and attack back sliding through persons weapon. Most afraid of technique- sliding after connect. can use various stepping with this. ex. half sitting