While alot of martial arts schools teach martial arts, very rarely do schools teach principles of morality to strengthen conduct and will, to make a better human being within society. Here are some mottos, I have learned in the past at various schools.

Yongnian Taijiquan motto

Yongnian has 3 meanings: 1.Everprogressive 2. Long life 3.Yang family home county village while Taijiquan is often called 'Grand Ultimate fist' a martial art of taoists' in reference to pole star boxing which uses the Taiji symbol (Yin Yang) as its principle.

Zhin- Diligence- Hard work and effort is prerequisite for skilled development. Daily practice on a regular basic will ultimately be rewarded by beneficial results.

Hen- Persevernce-It is important that a long and enduring sense of purpose be cultivated. A sense of purpose combined with regular daily practice will serve to achieve that purpose.

Li- Respect- Respect for your master, teacher, and fellow man is paramount. Deal with others in taking consideration their backgrounds and in the light of their expectations. Mutual respect serves to enhance a sense of community and solidarity in a society where individuals treat each other with respect.

Zhen- Sincerity- Sincerity in attitude or motivation is a prerequisite for learning Taijiquan. In order to achieve, a genuine resolve to pursue your goal must exist. Deal with others sincerely if you want them to reciprocate. Maintain sincerity in the fore of your dealing with others and you will achieve a smooth flow in relationships.

These four words comprise the motto of Master Bok-Nam Park's Pa Kua Kung Fu School and the Ch'iang Shan Pa Kua Chang Association. They represent four important ideals that Lu Shui-Tian believed all Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) practitioners must cultivate and embrace.

Wisdom - because without wisdom, a student will not be able to grasp the depth of Pa Kua Chang and will not be able to develop his or her understanding to a high level. Wisdom is required to make progress; the student must "think deeply" and research thoroughly.

Benevolence - because without benevolence, a student's pride, ego, or arrogance takes control. The Pa Kua Chang practitioner must remain humble, show respect to everyone, and promote goodwill towards others. And, Pa Kua Chang must never be utilized in an improper or unjust manner. Benevolence is required and grows with the cultivation of wisdom.

Sincerity - because without sincerity and a serious commitment to training, a student will not make sound progress and will not be able to develop his or her skill to a high level. The student must dedicate himself or herself to the art, and must honor the heritage of the Pa Kua Chang of Lu Shui-Tian and Master Park. Lu Shui-Tian stated that "the instructor does not teach the student; the instructor merely presents knowledge and ideas -- the students, in truth, teach and train themselves." Sincerity is required and grows with the cultivation of wisdom and benevolence.

Bravery - because without bravery, a student will lose his/her skill in a confrontation. A student needs to remain calm and clear whether facing an opponent in a sparring session or in a serious fight, and must learn to conquer and control his or her own fear. To understand Pa Kua Chang completely, the student must study and research the fighting side of Pa Kua, as well as the health side. Through the cultivation of wisdom, benevolence, and sincerity, a student's bravery comes from the heart and is not derived out of ego or arrogance. The Pa Kua Chang fighter must do what is just and what is required when a confrontation is necessary. And when a confrontation is necessary, the response must be immediate and without hesitation

Respect is developed by respecting all living things, including your self and others. A master has earned respect, without giving respect, you cannot be under the grace of a master.

Sincerity is an important attitude which allows a master to recognize the desire to learn and be a trusting student, alot of honesty is necessary to be sincere.

humility- simply be humble and dont cultivate feelings that are overly prideful, you'll miss the teaching. Off by an inch is gone by a mile.

will- keep concentrated on your goals and the hard work necessary to ge there, be careful of what your mind and body can tell you because it will trick you into quiting.

perserverence- is long term will power manifesting in an upward life progression, through time you will see your growth

bravery- is a manifestation of courage, it is more external active expression, while courage is a internal feeling