Troy was a member of the Tang Shou Tao from 2002 til 2007 and is a veteran of their annual full-contact Hsing-I tournaments. He had 2 fights in the 2008 USKSF International Lei Tai Championships and was ranked 4th in the Men's Heavyweight C weight division. Also more recently, at the age of 40 years, being just under 5' 11", weighing 170 lbs, he defeated a strong, aggressive challenger in his 20's who was over 6' tall and weighed over 200 lbs at the East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club Full-Contact Fight club event in Oakland, California. He trained in Chinese Internal Kung Fu, including empty-body skills and free fighting, with Sifu Scott Jensen who was a longtime student of both Peter Ralston and Wong Jackman. Troy is also known for having written the first biography of the infamous "Count Dante" (a.k.a. John Keehan) which can be purchased at

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Mr. Roy currently teaches on a private one-on-one basis in Oakland/ Piedmont in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. He can be contacted at: