Thai boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu journal: Jan-2005/2006

Warm ups-

Running drills: jogging, fast running, toe hops, squatting hops, knee up running, slap heels running, sideways running, lunges

Push up drills: push up and hold low, push up and hold low for longer time each time down, mountain jumping exercise, upward dog and downward dog from yoga, mountain jumping  w/back bend,  beadies- up down drill


Abs from Hell- v-ups, holding legs out, open close legs (V), back to hold (without touching ground), bicycle, reverse bicycle, hold legs out, crunches, hold legs out, both legs up on back and reach for toes, back to holding, right knee in left elbow to knee, left knee in right elbow to knee, alternate knees and elbows, back to holding posture, raise legs up and down at 45degree angle. Holding posture


Kicks- (use hopping rhythm w/ hands up) 30 left thiep kick, 30 right thiep kick, 30 left round kick, 30 right round kick, 30 thiep and round kick waist level (left and right), 30 low, middle, high kick (left and right)

Running- 5 minutes at speed 3, 5 min. at speed 4, 5 min at speed 5 , 5 min. at speed 6, 5 minutes at speed 7.

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2 rounds of-  
10 0ne leg squats left and rt. with 16kg Kettlebell (20)
20  push ups
20 horse stance dips with KB
20 hindu push ups  
5 min duck walking w/kettlebells
20 situps w/ weights on chest
adding a few other kettlebell and weight sets our school does.

Ultimate Goal-

-80 one leg squats on each leg
-300 consecutive knuckle push ups
-30. min. horse stance
-130 hindu push ups
30. min. deep duck-walking
200 jack-knife sit ups
50 hand stand push ups
-one leg squats with 75kg kettlebells
-dead hang with 75 kg kettle bell
-1000 one arm snatches 16kg kettlebell  


Stretches- front touch toes, V stretch, (middle ,left, right) left leg in, right leg in
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1-23-06: VOS GYM workout


50 sit ups

50 jabs- 20 push ups

50 left hooks- 20 push ups

50 rt. crosses- 20 push ups

50 jab cross- 20 push ups

20 left kicks

20right kicks

Jab, uppercut, hook

Jab, uppercut, hook, cross

Jab, uppercut, evade, jump step cross

Jab, uppercut, evade, jump step cross, add left hook

Jab uppercut, hook, cross, hook

Jab, uppercut, hook, cross, hook, rt. Kick to outer thigh

Parry jab, twist kick to inner thigh

Parry jab, grab head/arm and pull in to knee

20 arm switch push ups

50 independent knees

50 side door/sideway knees

3,5,7,9,12,15 kick series left and right. 3 kicks, then 5 kicks…then 7 kicks..


20 jab, cross, hook , uppercut

20 hook cross hook

20 jab cross hook cross hook cross

Plank- 60 sec.

Dave Carter Thai box class 1-18-05

Current mood: cheerful


Dave mixed up some serious shite-




bear crawls,


v-ups/jack knifes

push ups


bear crawls,

side running


mt climbers

bouncing push ups

hindu pushups




jab cross hook hook- defense methods using crazy monkey defense

jab cross low low hook, high hook, cross- crazymonkey defense


dave call outs, so do-

move left

move right

level change

4 monkey defenses

attack- jab and crosses

mix- jab cross hook uppercut

Thai pads-

3 minutes right kick

1 minute double right kick

3 minutes left kick

1 minute double kicks

jab cross, 3 knees, left coiling arm push, cross, left kick

SEMINAR:  Pride Fighting veterans Murilo "Ninja" and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua from Chute Box Acedemy are coming to Arlington again in January 2006!  
I went to the seminar and I gotta say it was freaking awsome- these guys were super friendly and taught a wide range of stand up- to clinch work- to ground work without holding back on teaching their fight game.
If you ever hear about them teaching in your area definetly go!! you'll see alot of similarities in what they teach and your martial art.

Warm ups
- jumping jacks- 100
- hoping with arms switching up/down
- running in place knees up, slap heels (30) each
-stretch neck, shoulders
-side stretch
- deep lunge stretch
-wide horse stance/semi-split- left grabfoot, right grab foot, center (head and elbow touch floor)
-leg stretch on partners shoulder hopping 20x
- side kick stretch while partner pulls leg
-Opponet uses jab/cross- slip jab, slip cross and hit stomach while slipping and left hook to head. 1-2-3 rythm
-Opp. uses jab cross- immediately hit stomach, level change cross upper cut. 1-2 rythm.
-opp. tries kick - step rt. w/ right foot, follow up with your left foot and kick with your rt. foot immedietly to upper leg -(hop step)
- opponet throws jab-  step to right and kickw/ left
- slip cross and kick with right (no extra step needed.)
-catch kick, spin while changes hands on caught foot, throw downward left elbow to head
-low rt. kick/rt. cross and high rt. kick to head
-slip right jab and return with left knee
- slip cross and return with rt. knee
slip all-  jab, cross,left hook, rt. hook - return a knee for each slipped attack.
-inside left kick to knee and then jump high kick to head
-neck control - qi-namake sure really controlling head at top with both arms controlling down and side of neck
-neck escapes and return hold to knee opponent (3)
1.rt. hand to oppon. face,straighten up looking up- move up reverse grab to shoulder neck- push down and knee opponent.
2. same as 1 but grabbing waist  from beind for suplex
3. escape by moving under arms (wrestling move)and return grab and knee


thai boxing 1-6-06
Current mood: tired

started with running-
30 sec. of front kicks left
running for 30 sec.
30 sec. rt. front kicks
30 sec. left round kicks
30 sec. rt. round kick
30 sec. low-mid- high kicks left side
30 sec. low-mid-high- right side
partner combos-
block high left kick- ruturn hook-cross-hook
repeat right side
slip left punch and return with right chop kick
repeat left side
jab-cross-hook- rt. chop kick
20 left and right kicks
100 jab crosses
hook-cross-hook- left kick
jab-cross- hook- kick- hook cross hook
3 row training- situps, push ups- 100 upper cuts, hooks, jab/cross, knees, left and right kicks.
10 beadies.

12-22-05 Thai boxing journal
Current mood: refreshed

Went to class and feel pretty rejuvenated after a hard sweat-

started with running.
20 slow push ups
kick series-left and right:  push kicks,  push kick/side kick,
low-mid-high kick,push kick/knee
more running
60 crunches
glove combos-
-Slip the jab , slip cross, shoulder control and knee..pivot to body.
-Jab, cross, slip rt. cross, liver, hook, rt. chop kick.
-Jab, cross, hook, slip left hook, right chop kick to thigh.
-Knee drills- controlling neck and throw knees.
-Left knee, rt. knee, scape/turn, left knee, rt. chop kick to thigh.
-Medicine ball training- 3 rounds punching ball, push ups for losers
-100 jab cross, 90 hooks, 80 upper cuts- repeat
-50 jab cross hook uppercuts
40 sit up jab crosses


Thai box journal-

got to school early and worked on heavy bag with a variety of long punches, short punches, long kicks, short kicks, flying knees, spinning kicks, until i realized my left ankle isnt fully healed with a certain kick to remind me.
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Wento Tai Boxing class this morning- nearly blacked out twice.
started with:
hopping, runing, side running both directions,
20 push kicks left and right
20 round kicks
20 push and round kicks
20 low and high round kicks
partner work:
-left knee, right knee, step in with rtand rt push to face, step outsie and inner thigh kick
-switch stance- cross,, step left kick
-jab, cross, hook, kick
-100 jab cross, then 20 kicks both sides
Medicine Ball Training- 5 rounds on hitting/holding medicine ball. trying to punch medicine ball out of person holding it.

Body conditioning sets- 3 rows of people
sit ups
push ups
sit ups
push ups
100jab cross
100 hooks
100 uppercuts
30 jump up/downs

No Gi- ground fighting-
1.  from on back person on top- bridge twist into shoulder and reach, cross legs to knee to feet.
2. from standing defense from behind waist grab-grab opponets arms by grabbing wrist,drop to knee and roll twist and kimura arm.

Thai boxing Wrestling Journal entry-

-running with sprinting
-30 push ups
Bag Hitting rounds-
1. a. cross,hook, cross, left hook to liver, left hook to head
    b. add aother lefthook
    c. add right cross
push ups
2.a.cross, hook, right kick
    b. add left hook
    c. add rt cross
horse stance holding
3. a. left kick, cross, hook, right kick
    - drill- jab, cross, hooks
-wall sits
4. 30 left kicks
    30 right kicks
    100 knees
    100 jab cross
    100 hooks
5. 50 jab cross, 50 squat jab cross, 50 hooks, 50 squat low hooks
-100 jab cross hooks
- 30 sec. wall sits
-30 second push ups
- 30 sec. kettle bell up down squat lifting
-30 sec. of crunches
-30 sec. of smashes- circling ball and smashing ball

inner arm clinch drill
inner arm clinch escape- 180 turn (inner shoulder to salute posture)
- add reversal waist throw and take downs.

knee kick out lifts
raises, hold
legs apart
up down legs, ect.
two person drills:
inside slipping clinch drill
inside clench slip to 2 knees
front kicks practice and kick drill
cross, protect, cross, hook, 2 jabs
round kick, jab, cross, hook, knee, hook, cross, hook
-drill punches
jab, cross, hook, two round kicks
- drill kicks
-drill punches, hooks, uppercuts
-totally black out in exhaustion-wish I were dead, dehydration

other notes forgotten from past-
Brazilian jujitusu: under hooks drill, under hooks drill to waist throw, floor drills, shrimp drill, guard drill  lift hips and escape, guard drill wrap leg and flip over, kimura, gullitine choke. step in and take down by puling opponent into hip and step through. Rolling.
take downs: 11 control points, under arm head/shoulder control

Wrestling: fall practice, ready position with moving forward-back-left-right. up/down sprawl, up/down sprawl and back to feet, one step body grab walking, one step body grab walking and follow through w/second step.

San Shou- jump back from kick and return kick, step around body throw, wieght forward to receive kick, kick catch to body-punch-sweep. Kick catch to body-step forward and push shoulder.

Today's class-


Crazy monkey practice (cm) jabs cross defense

Cm to jab, cross, hook, hook

Cm to jab, cross, high left hook, low high hook, right hook

Cm to jab, cross, hook, hook, return w/ 6 punches

Cm to jab, cross, hook, hook, 6 punches and knee

Cm to jab, cross, high left hook, low left hook, right hook, return w/ 2 right round kicks

Cm to jab cross hook hook, return with cross, hook, upper cut, hook



Thai Boxing Log:

Abs from Hell.
-jab cross, knee
-jab, cross, knee, crazy monkey (cm) left hook block
-jab -cross- knee, cm left hook block, hook, cross, hook
-slip the cross, hook, cross, hook
-jab -cross- knee, cm left hook block, hook, cross, hook,slip the cross, hook, cross, hook
-jab -cross- knee, cm left hook block, hook, rt. upper cut, hook
-jab -cross- knee, cm left hook block, left upper cut, rt. overhead cross
100- knees
100- jab cross
100-hook punches
100 -uppercuts

Body mechanics: pay attention to long left hook, rt. upper cut, and left short look, the body is already there for left short hook.
pay attention to not bending forward, and keep glove punching from chin on the upper cuts. DONT LET HAND COME DOWN FOR UPPERCUT. All punches are set ups for next punch.
-diagonal cross- much like taijiquans Shoot Tiger.

Most sore in body- aches and pain everywhere-
new way of hand wrapping- around thumb and fingers. also- "protect hand and wrist at all times"

double jab drill on circle
double jab and cross on circle
jab/cros, thip kick, jab, cross, round kick
crazy monkey blocks- block-jab,cross, hook left, hook right
jab/cross, jab/cross, kick block, cross/hook/cross
slip the jab to outside and then cross,hook cross
slip the cross to outside and then hook/cross/hook
slip jab- step outside neck/arm control-thrust knee
slip cross- step outside neck/arm control-thrust knee
3 level kicks
tip kick, front leg round kick
2 tip kicks rt. and left round kick

3 rounds of brazilian jujitsu rolling.

Thai Boxing journal

Today I went over the Chris's house in Woodbridge and do some study at his home. Chris, who is a Federal Agent with the Secret Service is a very traditional Thai boxer different that the MMA school.

-Worked on stances- there are 3-
1.  thai stance that moves back and fourth arm up and outward: forearms for blocking.
2. Defense stance- weight rear leg while front leg moves up and down to block kicks, body is ready to change position.
3. Attack/Offense stance- weight on front leg.
Practice the stances on some tape in a L shape.

Kick fundamental- 'dog piss" move rear leg knee high up and out - looks like dog pissing.
practice alot of those turning hip and return to stance.
-practice the kick fully through chopping down and doing 360 spin, return to stance.
- practice the stance and kciking with partner and pads. Hold the pads correctly.

Thai boxing journal-
most exhausting day yet:

-started out at school training on my own for 1/2 hour with covering punching and kicking mechanics taught to me last week on the heavy bag.

Worked a series of ab exercises that burned away my fat Homer Simpson  tummy
-Today we did shadow boxing- work elbows, knees, jabs, punches, bob & weave, slip, forward back, left right, hook, uppercut wherever freestyle combo you choose, spin kick, ect.
-two person work:
-push kicking forward
-drill = left right kick
-jab, cross, hook, round kick, hook, cross, hook, knee and push kick
-4 punches, 4 knees, push, and round kick
drill =knees
-focus mits- 7 punch drill and cover head for mit block
drill= 2 minutes of jab and cross

Thai Boxing Journal

we did massive running, push ups and V-ups (my favorite from wushu)
discussion on stance- box stance not line stance for kicking and cross punch
work on knee cover/block (golden rooster in tai chi)
step drill (front/back/left/right) with knee cover/block
step drill with knee cover/block and forward step rt.cross
step drill with knee cover, cross, and jab kick
Two person drills-Absorbing/crazy monkey with glove-keep glove at face and circling while letting other person  jab/cross.
-absorb jab and cross, front kick, and round kick
-absorb jab, jab kick, jab, cross, low left hook, high left hook, and right hook
-absorb 4= jab, cross, hook, cross then punch back 6 times.
2 minutes right round kicks to pads and left round kicks to pads.

Thai boxing Journal-

began with some crazy burning abdomen exercises.
Partner training-
running jab drill with pads
running jab and cross drill
running jab, cross,and right round kick drill
drilled left and right round kick
jab, cross, hook , grad opponents head and 4 knees, push, and round kick
Combination on pads- jab, cross, hook
Slip drill=-slip jab to out side, slip jab to inside, bob/weave hook punch
slip drill with adding cross hook at end.
focus mits- 7 punches- jab,cross, hook, uppercuts, hook, croos , hook.
drill- focusmit punching straight for 2 minutes.


Tonight I was working out at the MMA/Thai boxing school for 3 hardcore hours. I was hitting the bags. a guy who works out (and his job is for Secret Service) was watching me. He liked what I was doing but offered some advice. I was like "sure, i can always use correction" and he taught me a completely different way of striking and kicking that blew me away. It all relates to the internal mechanics we study in our Neijia but it comes from boxing/muay thai. Anyways it totally helped my striking awareness and added like 50% power to my punches and kicks and effectiveness.

Its hard to explain what he showed me:
  when doing like a round kick to legs or ribs height you want the bag to move forward not sideways. this is striking opponent even as they retreat and it issues power better..
Punching the bag with short strikes with good shoulder/hip/whole body movement, you can use alot of power and smack the bag really loud, but the bag doesnt have to swing or move  the way when striking with long power  but your still using alot of heavy power and snap.

Regular class was all about massive amounts of right and left leg kicks until your heart catches on fire.
I loved the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 punch drill and working the level of high and low jabs while moving in circles. added across punch to the end of that., Advanced class was even harder working with no pads but taking it with gloves
- jab , cross, and rt. kick combos.
-jab, cross,hook, rt. kick combo.
high left kick, cross,hook,low rt kick
-low kick to opponent/oponent uses low defense, and then opponent returns high kick, use high block
-hold medicine ball while opponent tries to punch it out.
-body conditioning- push ups, sit ups, jump ups.

I think since I have stopped all wushu training and have been doing crosstraining with kettlebells, jump roping, weights,  elastic resistance bands, judo throws, wrestling take downs, jujitsu finishes, and thai kickboxing  i have doubled my cardiovascular power and have less injury. i have to give my flexibility credit to wushu cause i am more flexible than the instructors and I am not that flexible compared to my wushu comrads. So when I decide to go back to wushu i will be very fit and body conditioned. San shou people better look out!

Daily 12-



3. hook/uppercut


5. slash elbows

6. uppercut elbows/slash elbows

7.slash elbow/spinning back fist

8.jab.spinning backfist/hammer fist

9. up knee/round knee

10. Push kick (tiep)

11. round kick

12. left hook w/right round kick, right cross w/left round kick



Ba ta ne, -major sweep

Ah ta ne- hip throw

Thai boxing Journal

Worked on my new awareness training program based on the military special forces requirements-
80 push ups in two minutes
80 sit ups in two minutes
12 pull ups
2 mile run  in 14 minutes

I was able to to 80 short push ups fine, 80 short sit ups fine, pull ups I did 4 sets of 6 and running I did a 20 minute 2 miles.

Weight lifting-
squatting 75 lb. 3 sets of 8
bench press 75 lb. 3 sets of 8
handweights- fly weights

stretching- several yoga, ballet and taekwondo stretches based on stretching the hamstrings and other aductore muscels in leg for Splits.

20 minute heavy bag hitting- high lows, short punches, long punches several combinations, low, medium and high kicks, elbows and knees. Also worked with holding medinie ball with one arm and doing high and low punches with other arm. jumping with medicine ball. resistance training with - elastic bands- throwing punches with resistance.

Thai Boxing Journal-

-shadow boxing warm-up- jab , cross, hooks, upper cuts, knees, spin kicks.
Thai Pads
- 2 minutes double push kicks
-jab cross, look high-kick low
-jab,cross, hook, side kick, push kick
-jab, cross, hook, knee, hook, cross, hook
-round kick, jab, cross, hook (drill kicks 1 minute)
-round kick, jab, cross, hook,, independent knee, clinch knee, push, round kick (drill kicks one minute)
-jab, cross, hook, knee, hook , cross, hook
Focus mitts
-jab cross hook, defend face leftside, 2 left hooks (drill jab cross 2 minutes)
-75 sit ups

Thai boxing journal-

kick series- front, side, front/side, 3 level, front/knee
Shadow boxing and holding shield position (balance on one leg)
slip drill- jab cross hook hook
-slip change and level change
-Turtle defense for jab crss hook hook
turtle defense- jab cross and 2 upper cuts
Absorb hook and uppercut- (wing chun fuk sao and head protect)
-slip/evade -didstance
-parry drill to jab and crosses
-3 rounds medicine ball punching drill- loser has to do push ups, squats, and beadies
-kick defense- hook defense, ride defense, step back defense, jump back defense.
- practice kick defense
-3 row training- position 1 sit ups, ppush ups, sit ups, push ups.
position 2 - upper cus, hooks, jab cross, kicks, knees,
position 3 hold gloves for position 2 to hit.
-1:30 wall sits

after practice:
go to Riverside bathhouse/spa
-20 minute sauna
-5 minute steam room
-5 minute cold jacuzi
-7 minute hot jacuzzi
-5 minute cold jacuzzi
-10 minute shiatsu chair
repeat again.


running 5 min.
20 slow and paused push ups
runing 5 min.
kicks series- 20 front, 20 left round, 20 right round, 20 low high right, 20 low hig left, 20 front side left, 20 front side right.
Partner work-
-jab-cross- hook- cross, low left hook, high left hook
-jab cross- hook, cross , low left, high left,
-jab cross hook, right grab -right knee, clinch and left knee
-jab cross hook, right grab -right knee, clinch and left knee, right knee, step and twist opponet, right knee again, push and right round kick
-jab cross hook, right grab -right knee, clinch and left knee, right knee, step and twist opponet, right knee again, push and left inside  kick
-speed and intensity- 100 jab cross, 100 hooks, 100 uppercuts, 100 jab cross
-20 round kick let, 20 round kicks right, 20 knees, 20 left round kicks
-50 sit ups with jab cross to partner


12-17-05 and 12-20-2005


kicking series- 30 secs of the various kicks with running in between

5-10  minutes of running- kicking- running, ect.

running and stop for jabs

running and stop for jab crosses

Neck tie hold and knee out combos

Man clinch- knee out to distance and knee

4 knees and cross jab repeat for minute

jab cross uppercut cross to opponent gloves (hold gloves close to your face more realistic)

jab cross hook cross hook cross combo

20 kicks both legs

jab cross, left hook-liver, left hook, rt. kick

2 left hook and 2 crosses

4 knee, scrape turn 4 knees

100 jab cross

30 push ups

30 crunches

jab cross hook uppercuts


running with hands up- yogic push ups, running high knees. crunches, running, small push ups, running, v-ups, running, more ab work, bear walking, running heel slaps, lunges, runing, mt. climbersrunning.

kick pads- outside rt leg kicks,

push kick and outside rt. leg kick

 left leg to opponets inside left leg

push kick repeat left leg kick

thai pads- jab cross, rt. kick

push kick, left kick, cross hook, rt. kick.