My Training history and teachers by Matt Stampe

Wilson Pitts- Western Boxing and Neijia- Taijiquan, Pakuachang, and Hsingyi. Massage, TCM, and Diet.Richmond Va.

Weiqi He: Traditional Yang Taijiquan and Wushu Kung fu, Richmond Va.

Zhou Jianhua- Traditional and Modern wushu and Sanshou fighting. Richmond Va.

Park Bok Nam (one year intensive back in college)

Xianhao Cheng: Traditional Yang Taijiquan, Norfolk Va.

Lu Xiao Ling- Traditional and Modern Wushu. Fairfax Va.

Li Ying- Traditional and Modern Wushu. Fairfax Va.

Jeff Ruth- MMA: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo. Arlington Va.

Other teachers at Jeff Ruth's schools I have trained with over my 5 year period there: Dave Carter (Muay Thai, submission grappling, strength),Ryan Hall (BJJ), Andrey Brener (Wrestling), Shin Kim (Judo), Derek Sierra (Pro Boxer and Cross Fit instructor), Mu Ali (Muay Thai), Vivek Nakarmi (Muay Thai and San Shou), Sandeep Barnabas (Boxing and Muay Thai), Brooks 'Khun Kao' Miller (Muay Thai),Noah Booth (BJJ), Teddy Endale (Muay Thai), vince Tur-Rojas (May Thai, Strength conditiong), Buddy Lee (Olympic Wrestler, jump rope), Seph Smith (BJJ).

1990 Richmond Va/Virginia Beach.: I started training with several Cheng Man Ching (CMC) and Robert Smith Tai Chi Chuan people early on in various parks and class room environments. VCU: Cas Overton, student of Chungliang Al Huang, Larry Mann of Tidewater Tai Chi, Larry Crouse, but it was Wilson Pitts, who taught me the most:

         Yang 37 Short form

         Ba Dua jin.

         Huashan Qigong: Bear, Crane, 6 healing sounds.

         Pakua chang- 5 element palms.

         Hsing yi chuan- 5 element fists.

         Tui Shou and Da Lu-partner training.

         Western Boxing basics.

         TCM Diet, massage, TM meditation.


Other teachers during my early training with Yang Tai Chi were Larry Mann and Tidewater Tai Chi Association in Va. Beach, John Crouse, VCU Tai Chi instructor Cas Overton. Seminar with Ben Lo.


1993-1997 Richmond Va: I was introduced to Weiqi He and Xu Junheng, Weiqi was one of Chinaís top wushu coached and both her and her husband studied Traditional Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) Long form with Fu Zhong Wen, disciple of the famous Yang Chen Fu. Weiqi brought Zhou Jianhua to Richmond Va. He was a Master from Shanghai as well a disciple for fighter Cai Longyun. From Weiqi, Coach Xu, and Coach Zhou as well as seminars she hosted for Madam Xu Ru, Sam Masich, Master Xia Bai Hua, Master Liang Shouyu, Master Cai Hongxian, James Fu. I learned:

         Taijiquan Basics.- weiqi and Zhou.

         24 Form Taijiquan.- Weiqi

         Taijiquan Yang Long Form.- Weiqi and Xu Junheng.

         Taijiquan Sword form.- weiqi.

         Taijiquan Saber form.- James Fu.

         Taiji Tui Shou and Da Lu.- Fu Sheng Yuan and Weiqi.

         Taiji Long Pole basics.- Weiqi.

         Taiji Qigong in 18 modes.- Weiqi.

         Goulin Qigong- Coach Xu.

         Wushu Chang Chuan (Long Fist) basics.Weiqi and Zhou jianhua.

         Chang Chuan (Long fist compulsory) form. Weiqi and Zhou.

         Wushu straight sword basics. Weiqi and Zhou.

         Tong Bei- White Ape Kung fu.- Douglas Chin.

         Taijiquan 42 compulsory Taijiquan.- Nick Gracenin.

         Taijiquan 42 compulsory sword.-Nick Gracenin.

         Xingyiquan (Hsingyi chuan)- Liang Shouyu and Sam Masich

         Cheng Baguazhang (Pa Kua Chang).- Weiqi.

         Chen Taijiquan compulsory form.- Xia Bai Hua and Madame Xu Ru.

         Qi-na: self defense.- Cai Hong Xian.

         San Shou- techniques of Wing Chun and Long Boxing.- Mike Shea, Bruce Schaub,


Other training at that time:

         Trained at Park Bok Namís Pa Kua Chang school for one year to get up to speed on my Pakua chang (Baguazhang)

         Wu style with Odessa Brooks (Wu Yinghua) and Dr. Li Li (Ma Yue Liang) group in Shanghai: Short form, fast form, and push hands. (Shanghai 1996)

         Wing Chun with Moy Yat school and Duncan Leung school- Sifu Keith and Sifu Mike Shea.(1992-1996).


1997-1998 Virginia Beach: I moved to Va. Beach and met two teachers. Madam Leanne Gehan from Shanghai and Master Xianhao Cheng from Hangzhou China. From Madam Gehan I learned volume, her class we performed Liang Gong Shir Ba Fa, 24 form twice, 48 form twice, and 42 sword form twice:

         36 Liang Gong Shir Ba Fa.

         48 form Taijiquan


From Xianhao Cheng:

         8 Yang chen fu warm-ups

         Yang taiji qigong

         Taiji power gongs.

         Taiji saber

         Taiji spear

         Tui Shou and Da lu

         Many principles and methods specific to Taijiquan Tui Shou and fighting.

         Two person Taiji sword methods.


1998- 2006 Washington DC metro area:

When I moved to Northern Virginia I met and trained with several teachers. My primary teacher was USA team coach Lu Xiaolin of Omei Wushu School. I attended CMAI (Chinese Martial Arts Institute) with Sifu Burris and did traditional martial arts there. I went to Qi Elements to work on Traditional yang Taiji and massage. I also did seminars with 3 prominent Chen Taiji masters Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Zhen Lei and Zhu Tian Cai. I will mention what I learned during this time:


Omei wushu:

         Omei Shaolin forms 1,2, and 3.

         Old Compulsory forms for long Fist, straight sword and staff

         New compulsory forms for Long fist, straight sword, broadsword, staff, and spear.

         Black sash belt ranking (Went through testing phases)

         32 taiji sword

         Compulsory Baguazhang routine of Li Tian Ji

         Xingyiquan of Wang Shu tian.

         Taji spear in 16 movements.


Other trainings:

         Chen Taijiquan seminars

         Michuan Yangjia Taijiquan 13 form- mike Basvandanos.

         San Shou at CMAI.

         Traditional 88 two person taiji san shou- Qi Elements.

         All season Qigong, Coiling set, Primary sets- Qi Elements.


2006 to 2012: Always having a passion for realistic fighting since UFC 1. I joined a MMA school to train in Brazilian jujitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling, and Crossfit.

         BJJ with Ryan Hall, Noah Booth, Jeff Ruth, Dave Carter.

         Wrestling with Andre Brenner.

         Judo with Shin Kim and Sugi.

         Muay Thai with Dave Carter, Jeff Ruth, Brooks Miller, Vivek Nakarmi, Sandeep Barnabas.

         Boxing with Derek Sierra, Jeff Ruth, Sandeep Barnabas.

         Crossfit: Khemeran Ing, Derek Sierra.

2011 to now:

Winter 2011 to Spring 2013: I enrolled at United States Wushu Academy (USWA) in Fairfax to work of Yang Taijiquan(Yang Zhenji version), push hands, da shou, and Sanda sparring. I did a few San Shou and Lei Tai fight events.

Mainstreet Crossfit: taught a sparring camp from spring to Summer for fighters in International lei Tai event in Baltimore. Sparring using Muay thai and boxing.

I've continued training in the parks with Ben Lo disciple Dr. David Walls-Kaufmann and his push hands group. Alog with the various other cheng Man Ching groups in the area and push hands gatherings at Wu Shen Tao, David Chen memorial park, Tai chi in the park with Warren Conner. etc.

I have been a member of Coach Nick Masi's Northern Virginia Shuai Chaio club for several years and Taiji combat seminar with Dr. Weng.

Since June 2013 I train 'Old School' boxing with Pro coach Leo Rossiter at ABGC (Annandale Boy and Girls Club) helping a younger generation of boxers, hold pads for Pro fighters, and work on my own training and refinement.

Fall 2013 started Muay Thai training with Pro fighter Mark DeLuca at Yamasaki. I still train and support Vivek's school Pentagon MMA by attending drop in classes since 2011 to get the hard cardio workouts.

In Fall of 2013 I began refining my Taijiquan Long form to match that of the Yang Family Association. Went to Winchester to get details from Pat Rice and instructors. I tested in October and am rank of level 2 "Silver Eagle" with the International Yang Family Association. Continuing my training on the Yang Family details with Rank 5 "Silver Tiger" instructor Robert Wagg at Qi Elements school in Herndon Va.Here I have been going through Long Form, Saber, Straight sword, and push hands details for future testing.

Lastly I like to mention Neal Degregario whom I network with, Neal a long time Olympic class judo and kung fu practitioner who is also a high level Chen Taijiquan instructor. I have been learning some fundamental "8 circles" gong related to all martial arts and human movement.