Warm food are ideal all year around and are more important in winter as well. These are foods that are cooked by way of simmering, stews, soups, wok, ect. Staple foods like grains, pasta, bread, and rice are also very ideal in all cultures and are considered warm foods. Teas are also condsidered warm as well.

Warm foods- beef, chicken, fish, pork, eggs, duck, cheese, ham, rabbit, milk, wines, bread, rice, soups, stews, teas. black beans, adzuki beans, broccoli, carrots, kale, lentils, peas, potatoes, soybeans, pumpkin, squash, string beans, zucchini, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, apricot, currants, blackberry, cherry, guava, papaya, plum, raisin, almond, date, peach, rasberry, basil, bay, chives, paprika, sage, thyme, white pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, articoke, bell pepper, cous cous, oatmeal, small bok choi.