These Drills consist of some body conditioing exercises found from two different Yang Teachers. Some of the body conditioning is from Shaolin Iron Body Gong as well. The circle walking is part of the attacking in both Pakuachang and Yang Taijiquan systems. Practice here is on bricks for balance.

Tai Chi stance rooting- side drill
Rooting- from back
Rooting- from front
Rooting/Body Loosening
Body Loosening
Back flex and extend, sideways, twisting, body hitting
Body hitting- stimulate skin and muscels
Leg Conditioning
Hips and Shoulder
Wrist and forearms
Conditioning leg for kick
Conditioning body for kick
Conditioning arm for kick
Iron Body Massage
Iron Body Massage
Circle walk on bricks
Circle walk on bricks
Circle walk on bricks
Circle walk on bricks
Circle walk on bricks
Circle walk on bricks

Other types of body work for future release- kettlebell sets 1,2,and 3.

Started on a rough draft for my home strength training sets. You can focus on a body part for a day like 'Abs, back and hips' and repeat all 3 ab, back and hip sets 3 times in a day, or go through the entire bodywork sets once every other day. Purpose is to get one full hour workout.


Set 1

Upper body

1. pushups- 15

2. dips- 15

3. hindu push ups- 15

4. Clap Push ups- 10

Power Abs, Hip, Back-

1. Back Bridge- 20 sec.

2. Crunches- 40

3. Leg raises- 30

4. Belly-ups-20

Lower Body-

  1. squats- 50
  2. lunges- 50
  3. hamstring curls- 25 each
  4. boxstep- 20

Set 2

Upper Body

1. Wide grip push ups-15

2. fist push ups- 15

3. finger tip push ups- 15

4. Handstand push ups-10

Power Abs, back, hips

1.scissors- 25

2. bicycles-25

3. sit ups- 20

4. v-ups- 20

Lower body

  1. sidestrides/weightshifting- 30
  2. wall sits- 60 sec.
  3. jump switch lunges-20
  4. Mt. Climbers- 50

Set 3

Upper Body

1. One arm push ups-10

2. alternate left and rt. Arm push ups-20

Power Abs, back, hips

1.side obliques-20

2. opposite knee elbow crunches-30

3. side bends-40

4. supermans- 20

Lower body

  1. jump squats- 20
  2. jump horse stance- 20
  3. bent knee dead lift- 10 each leg
  4. one leg squats- 10 each leg