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Loosening up the joints exercises

Loosening- Arms, waist, knees, neck
Shoulder loosening, waist training.
Back flex and extend, sideways, twisting, body hitting
Body hitting- stimulate skin and muscels
Hips, ankles, knees, hips, elbows
Waist, fingers, palms, arms
Spine Waves to - Shoulders, back/spine, cervical joints and occipital ridge
Whole body waves to arms


warm up- running , backwards, jump, side, alternate feet, arms- up, wing, open , back

press shoulders

circle arms-bow stance, sagittal, frontal, reverse, half palm circles

swing arms pat floor


standing- elbow to toe, bending forward, back, circle trunk,leg in front, empty stance training


Sitting- v legs- front, sides, circles, left, right, cross legs, arm stretching, buddha sitting- leg stretching- heel kick, toe kick, knee up, Frog variations- push ups, walking hands, left, right, circles, erect, changing width, backwards and forwards

Stretching-V sit to front
Stretching- sideways
Stretching-butterfly variations
Stretching-forward, left, and right.

Hurddler- front, back, circles, diagonal


Bar stretching- press leg, side, behind

   Michuan style- rubbing leg 3 ways

   Pakua style- elbow twisting and bouncing left, right, side, shoulder, wall press, ballet style open legs,

Stretching-bar stretching
Stretching- bar stretching

                        frog, lay down twist



Splits- split warm ups bow stance legs down , push ups, circles, straddle, chinese, front, middle, back

Stretching- Back Bend
Stretching-floor- spine twisting
Stretching-floor, bend, splits
Stretching- front splits I
Stretching- front splits II

down bridge


wall stretching-side leg lift, hand stand leg lift, rear leg lift, knee press, leg circles, right leg balance, side kick


Yogic- sun salutation, cobra, locut, bow, head to knee, forward bend, shoulder stand, fish, spinal twist, yogic seal


Partner- shoulder pres, against wall variations, bridge, side, behind, leg in front, split, v type, laying on back, frog

Basic skills trainings

Stance form - Horse stance, bowstance
Stance form- empty or 'cat' stance and drop stance (snake creeps down).
Stance form- Dragon (xingyi) and balance stance (rooster on one leg)
Stance form- halfsitting and full sitting stances, high cross stance
Stance form- closing stance form
Wushu Basic- stretch kicks- front, inside, outside
Wushu Basic- stretch kicks
Wushu Basic- front sweep/back sweep
Wushu Basic- back sweep, front jump kick (both feet landing)
Wushu Basic- tornado kick, outside jump kick (lotus kick)
Wushu Basic- lotus kick, butterfly kick