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  Robert Ruby          Patrick Brady             Neil Rosiak                            Natalia Hill                   Matt Stampe

  There are many Lei Tai full contact Tai Chi people that have also done push hands, Tiffany Chen, Pat Brady, Robert Ruby, Natalia Hill, Neil Rossiak, Matt Stampe, and many other players have done full contact and sensing hands. We will try to list many of the Push Hands here.

Damon Bramich and Miciah Guglielmi




     Mario Napoli (right)                           Mike Pekor                       Lenzie Williams           Dr. David Walls-Kaufman


Mario Napoli- American Top Push hands competitor who went to Taiwan and Mainland China to compete and test skills. Won the Heavy Weight division in push hands in Chen Village China. He is active in fight training with Tai Chi, Boxing, and Judo arts. Mario is from the Cheng Man Ching lineage via Stanley Israel in New York. Mario's website



Lenzie Williams is a disciple of Ben Lo and competed in early 1990's in the "A Taste of China All-Taijiquan Championships." Lenzie was forms and push hands National Champion for several years.

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman is a disciple of Ben Lo who has competed in many push hands events Nationally and Internationally.

Mike Pekor- Is a National Push hands Champion and Grand Champion. He is an instructor in Long Island New York, and now teaches push hands competitors. He is also an expert in Wing Chun. Mike is from the Cheng Man Ching Lineage from New York with mates Bill Phillips, Avi Schneier, and Fredric Mirer.





Josh Waitzkins and Tiffany Chen               Casey Payne                       Lee Scheele                         Paul Ramos                 

Josh Waitzkin- William CC Chen student, 13 time push hands champion, champion chess player, author of Art of learning. Also a Brazilian Juijitsu student under Marcelo Garcia.




Casey Payne at Black Horse Tai Chi has traveled and competed in push hands in USA and Taiwan and is a National and International Champion.

Avi Schneier-  of Patience Tai Chi in New York is  a champion level push hands player from the Cheng Man Ching style, he has won in many various tournaments in the USA, Italy, and France..


David Chen- DC push hands gathering, competed in Cheng Man Ching event in France. He passed unexpectedly. There is now a Tai Chi park in Washington DC dedicated to his group.


Lee Scheele- Lee is a student of Anthony Ho Nan Jie (, Ben Lo, Sam Tam and a push hands player in California who has won several Super heavy weight push hands events.


Documentary with Anthony Ho Nan Jie that has lee Scheele and others:





   Jeff Justice (right)              Elaine Waters      Ray Abeyeta and Stephen Watson     Ben Lo with Kim Kazelberger


Jeff Justice is another Super Heavy Weight Champion who has done very well in several push hands events from 2007-2009 world and International push hands events. He is from Atlanta Georgia area.


Elaine Waters is a National push hands champion 3x gold medalist in US and Taiwan.


Fernando Bernall

Fernando Bernall- competed in many Taijiquan events including "A Taste of China" , Koushu and USAWKF event in the 90's, he is also a Acupunturist and ketlebell instructor.

Ray Abeyta has competed in Mainland China and USA in several events including Jiaozuo China, A Taste of China, Tai Chi Legacy, and USAWKF events.

Stephen Watson is a 5x nation heavyweight push hands National Champion. He is from Connecticut.


Kim Kazelberger is a student of Ben Lo who has won light weight championship in push hands in late 80's early 90's including "A Taste of China" and several other events.



         Don Ethan Miller            Dr. Xianhao Cheng                   Chris Luth                     Rick Barrett with Stephen Watson

Don Ethan Miller- National Champion in Heavy Weight push hands. Has competed in USAWKF, AToC, and many other events.


Dr. Xianhao Cheng- Dr. Cheng has written several articles and translated many texts into English for Tai Chi magazine. he has competed in USAWKF push hands events and teaches in Philadelphia PA.

Chris Luth - is a two time national Push hands Champion and founder fo the Pacific school of Tai Chi in San Diego California. He is known for his Tai Chi in Paradise retreats.


Rick Barrett is another push hands champion from the late 80's early 90's who is a Cheng Man Ching practitioner.

Richard Anderson from Canada who won several time his weight division at Jiaozuo competitions in Mainland China.

Huang Sheng Shyan students have gained some world recognition. Video of the teachers at 100th anniversary of Master Huang


Wu Shen Tao  TaiChi practitioners under Lu Xiaolin and Sifu Paul Ramos have won many push hands events including IMAC, Taste of China, USAWKF, and Koushu. George Harris, Stephen Genus, Michael Daryabeygi, Daniel Nightengale, Alexander "Roots" King, Charles Cashell,. Wudanglongmen disciples.  Other competitors include Lan Tran, Sylvia Robinson, Denise Lane, and Damon Iacovelli won various major events. Paul Ramos won the US Chinese Martial Arts Championships back in 90 and well as Kuoshu and other national events. Most of these people won either the same tournament, the Taste of China events, NACMAF and or Kuoshu International Championships. George, Sylvia, Denise and Damon won multiple times Newer students like Stephen Genus, Christine Wells, and Daniel Nightingale won recent events like Kuoshu Internationals, ICMAC Nationals and other smaller championships.


Bruce Schaub is a Wu style and Yang style instructor who competed and won National and International fixed and moving step middle weight  division in push hands events.