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News and Updates

ALL News will pretty much now be posted on the BLOG so check out the Blog  

2-13-09: changed the homepage for quick loading into the iPhone, the flash was a bit to much. Just got back from training in Thailand here is some footage of the adventure at Jitti Gym, the fights, Lumpinee park, and Kaew Samrith gym- Thailand Muay Thai and Taijiquan Winter 2009 Thailand is the bomb -"Long Live the King!"

7/21/08: added a few new site networking with people:

Andrea Falk- 
http://www.thewushucentre.net (the site formerly known as .ca). Andrea Falk's

site of translations on the Chinese internal styles of bagua and xingyi.

Home of Anthony Chan's Beijing Wushu Team Training Video Series. Also lots

of information on Chinese martial arts terminology and training.


Michael Joyce- The "ChenCenter"-    www.chencenter.com  Taijiquan, Qigong, Wushu & Self Defense classes of Coach Michael Joyce.  Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  email: chencenter@triad.rr.comHunyuan Therapy Institute-  www.htisite.com  Massage Therapy practice of Michael Joyce, NCLMBT#06096.  A specialized blend of Eastern & Western modalities.  email: chencenter@triad.rr.com


Mike Cleary-  http://www.carolinataiji.com/  Teaching Hunyuan Taiji in the Winston Salem/ King NC area.

7/6/08: Internalmartialartspace.com- this is my new place to blog. much easier than old blog. videos- pictures, music and more.


videos are up again now at Youtube.com. why not? free disk space and advertising!!Faster loading ect. ect. Videos now at Youtube.com


I removed a ton of the videos from the site. All current videos are now on the sampler page. I did this to save disk space and also keep my training and practice more private rather than 'open source'. I have uploaded more mp3's to share with friends.

Added a blog at- Blog- Martial Arts, Massage, and Healing

 Employee seekers: Matt Stampe, Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker.

Hello, I'm Matthew Stampe and I am looking to build my health network, find friends and clients and work in DC metro area including Maryland, Virginia, and DC. I am looking to work in a sports gym that can hire me for teaching bodywork. The bodywork focuses on simple combined methods of hard and soft exercises. I am a Certified Massage Therapist Nationally and licensed in Virginia I combine Massage into my Bodywork Principles and Theory.

"Li" exercises are for physical strength and are cardio vascular in nature to build strong bones and muscels. "Chi" exercises are breathing exercises for your internal organs! and finally "YI" exercise are for your balance of brain and nervous system. While the western physical exercise theory surrounds the "Li" style of training, the eastern methods has a trinity of all three. Lets talk more and discover more with our consciousness about "Chi" and "Yi". "Yi" or mind, guides the "chi" or energy, which the "Li" or body creates physical actions.

Information on this strengthening practice centers around "Qigong" or 'breathing master exercises' found here: About Qigong Bodywork and Training.


Muay Thai/San Shou Seminar DC/VA

Probably America’s best Muay Thai Champions Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepitak will be at Team Llyod Irvin’s in Arlington Va
Matee hold a record of 125 wins, 56 losses and 9 draws.
Hold Titles as a Lumpinee Feather weight in Thailand

World Muay Thai Feather weight multiple times in Thailand.

I.K.F Pro San Shou welterweight World Champion 2001

Two day seminar Saturday June 3rd 1-4 pm
Sunday June 4th 1-4 pm

1 day is $40 and 2 days $70 if registered by Thursday June 1st
1 day $50 and 2 days $90 if registered after June 1st

For more info http://www.novamma.com


Recent diet info-

To have enough energy you need to consume enough energy. consuming the adequate calories is one of the key ways to an ergogenic or performance enhancing diet. With to few calories you will feel tired, weak, and more prone to injuries.

a moderate carb diet increases the store of glycogen, the energy for muscles, and improves overall performance for strenuous exercise. The bulk of the days calories 30-40% should come from carbs like ceral, grain, veggies,and fruit.

Different carbo foods can affect your energy level in different ways. digestion rates are expressed as "glycemic index". Foods with high glycemic index release energy into the bloodstream rapidly, while foods with low and moderate release energy more slowly.

About the Glycemic Index The Glycemic Index (GI) relates to the way your body’s sugar levels respond to certain foods. Foods are given a rating from 0 –100 on the glycemic index with glucose in the highest position. High Glycemic Index foods (such as simple carbohydrates) will increase the body’s sugar levels rapidly whereas low glycemic index foods will increase the body’s sugar levels slowly. A good understanding of the glycemic index can assist in weight loss and help control diabetes.

Food category


 White bread 70

Wholemeal bread 69

Pumpernickel 41

Dark rye 76

Sourdough 57

Heavy mixed grain 30-45


 Lentils 28

Soybeans 18

Baked beans (canned) 48

 Breakfast cereals

 Cornflakes 84

Rice Bubbles 82

Cheerios 83

Puffed Wheat 80

All Bran 42

Porridge 46

 Snack foods

 Mars Bar 65

Jelly beans 80

Chocolate bar 49


 Apple 38

Orange 44

Peach 42

Banana 55

Watermelon 72

 Dairy foods

 Milk, full fat 27

Milk, skim 32

Icecream, full fat 61

Yogurt, low fat, fruit 33

 Soft and sports drinks

 Fanta 68

Gatorade 78

If you exercise for longer than an hour you can begin to deplete your muscles of glycogen. by consuming 30 to 75 grams per hour of high-glycemic carbohydrates in liquid or solid form when you exercise you can minimize this effect.
aftera long workout, your depleted muscle glycogen stores must be replenished. Eat at least 40 grams of high-glycemic index carbs just after workout and consume a total of 80 grams of high glycemic carbs in a few hours.

alkaline and acidic foods-

a high alkaline diet is generally recommended. high acidic intake can affectt he healthy functioning of the body.

Vegetables: Alkaline - asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower,leeks, onion, parsnips, peppers, potatoe with skin, spinach, corn, watercress.

acidic veggies- tomatoes, potatoes without skin.

neutral- mushrooms

Fruits: alkaline- apples banana, berries, grapes, lemon, mangoes, melon, pears, strawberries.
acidic- plums
neutral- oranges

Nuts- alkaline- almonds, chestnuts, coconut
acidic- cashews
neutral- pecans, pistachio,walnuts

Grains- alkaline- milliet, quinoa, whole wheat, wild rice
acidic- bleached wheat, buckwheat, rye, white rice
neutral- couscous, oats

beans/pulses: alkaline- greenbeans, lentils, peas, soy bean, string bean
neutral- kidney bean, mung bean, pinto bean

acidic- beef, chicken,lamb, non-oilyfish, pork, turkey.
neutral- oily fish

animal products-
acidic- cheese, sweetened yogurt
neutral- cream, milk, plain yogurt, goat milk

alkaline- oliveoil
acidic- animal fat
almond, avocado, butter, sesame



I went to a feng shui seminar a while back and found the hand out in which they gave.

It was on the buddhist 'black hat' sect of Feng shui and it was pretty interesting. it places the bagua configuration like this-

we will use north, south, east west ect to describe best-

the wall across the door (north) is fire/sun trigram and is reputation.

north east corner is - earth trigram and is marriage/relationships

east is mist/marsh trigram- children and creativity

south east corner- heaven trigram- helpful people and travel

south (door is) water trigram- career

south west of room- mountain trigram- knowledge and wisdom

west wall- lightning/thunder trigram- health and family

north west corner of room- wind/wood trigram- wealth and fortunate blessings-

center of room- earth trigram

some of the things you can do in those areas of a room is place certain objects related to those things, meditation, you can create the trigram mudras with hands: thumbs and pinky fingers always touch and the three fingers in between make the trigram symbols. face inward to direction, face outward in direction. lots of things you can do- like burn candles, incense, ect.



Started on a rough draft for my home strength training sets. You can focus on a body part for a day like 'Abs, back and hips' and repeat all 3 ab, back and hip sets 3 times in a day, or go through the entire bodywork sets once every other day. Purpose is to get one full hour workout.


Set 1

Upper body

1. pushups- 15

2. dips- 15

3. hindu push ups- 15

4. Clap Push ups- 10

Power Abs, Hip, Back-

1. Back Bridge- 20 sec.

2. Crunches- 40

3. Leg raises- 30

4. Belly-ups-20

Lower Body-

  1. squats- 50
  2. lunges- 50
  3. hamstring curls- 25 each
  4. boxstep- 20

Set 2

Upper Body

1. Wide grip push ups-15

2. fist push ups- 15

3. finger tip push ups- 15

4. Handstand push ups-10

Power Abs, back, hips

1.scissors- 25

2. bicycles-25

3. sit ups- 20

4. v-ups- 20

Lower body

  1. sidestrides/weightshifting- 30
  2. wall sits- 60 sec.
  3. jump switch lunges-20
  4. Mt. Climbers- 50

Set 3

Upper Body

1. One arm push ups-10

2. alternate left and rt. Arm push ups-20

Power Abs, back, hips

1.side obliques-20

2. opposite knee elbow crunches-30

3. side bends-40

4. supermans- 20

Lower body

  1. jump squats- 20
  2. jump horse stance- 20
  3. bent knee dead lift- 10 each leg
  4. one leg squats- 10 each leg



I found this information from an old book on Chinses Astrology-

Dog year- a year for prosperity in wealth, love, happiness, and good health.

Prosperity Year Chant
“The powerful cycle of the dog guarantees that all who ask material prosperity shall receive. I, the (Chinese zodiac sign), ask, and command, that my prosperity be brought to me NOW! And so it is!” Repeat 3X then meditation by visualizing a bombardment of the prosperity vibrations showering over you.

Praying during year of Dog-
The Zodiascope is a force consisting of all the positive qualities within every zodiac sign. It is an intelligent electro-magnetic force that can act as the intermediary between yourself and the great Universal Cosmic Mind. As a powerful force in its own right, prayers directed to this cosmic source of prosperity can work miracles if you are sincere in your efforts.

Sit in meditation posture-

“I enter the presence of the Zodiascope Power in humility of spirit, but confidence in mind. It is my desire that abundant riches become a part of my existence. I will be generous and thoughtful to those less fortunate than myself, remembering always that true source of my supply. I sing praises of joy, “For my cup runneth over.”


I'm back doing Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi training with an excellent fighter- George Wood. His website is

Several reason why his class is an absolute for internal martial arts people-

1. His class has extensive warm-ups

2. He teaches applications and lots of two person hand to hand combat

3. He teaches a wide range of throwing techniques

4. He includes hard physical training.

5. He trains people for realistic self defense and sport combat.

George is fierce- trains hard, plays hard! Before he was only teaching in the park, now he has a space in Burke at the Krav Maga Self Defense School. See his website for more info.


 I am still doing Muay Thai and starting my massage practice at Team Llyod Irvin's school in Arlington Va.
I finally ordered the Grappling Game plan also-www.thegrapplinggameplan.com which has really good mental training and planning for fighting.
also see- Ryan Hall at  http://www.thebjjexperiement.com


I found this to be interesting for anyone who teaches martial arts especially to kids. Its from Jeff's Ruth's Team Lloyd Irvin's MMA school. Jeff is a graduate of George Mason and is deeply versed in psychological mind set in training individuals. His kids class is well structured and disciplined with a balance of games, motivation, and effective martial arts.


1.       The social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.

2.       How children learn is as important as what they learn.

3.       The greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.

4.       there is a specific set of social skills that children need to learn and practice in order to be successful

5.       Knowing the children we teach is as important as knowing the content we teach.

6.       Knowing the parents of the children we teach is as important as knowing the children we teach.

7.       How the grown-ups at school work together is as important as our individual competence.


Went to a Shorin-Ryu class last night at Rec center in Alexandria next to TJ high school. I was invited by Vu, a chen taijiquan enthusiast and a long time shaolin student. He noticed that I make students do body conditioning and felt it was much like his brothers class. I had met his brother Len on several occasions at a Pride fighting party and Bachelors party. I joined his class last night as a guest and they train pretty hard for 2 hours. I enjoyed it. The Muay thai class at my school however is more intensive in 1 hour. I have much respect for his martial art and see many similar and useful training methods close to hsingyi and wing chun. here are my notes:
Shorin-ryu Notes- 2-28-06
Jumping jacks- 100+
bounching and hoping
toe touches
push ups-50
standing split stretching
drop stance stretching- hamstring
group drills- each person calls out 10 we had about 17 people so 170 reps:
-horse stance and punch (like beng)
-Outside block w/ horse stance (like Heng fist)
-left kick- be sure to recoil
-right kick
-block up- left and right side (block up like pao)
-block low- shifting bow stance
-front punch w/ shifting stance- recoil fist (beng)
KATA- bow stance and punching in the 4 directions.
Line drills- hand techniques
Person will throw strike so respond with:
1. outside block and punch- (heng)
2. right hand cover, left hand cover- strike ridge hand or palm to abs
3. cover and pull w/left and chop to neck w/right
4. 2 blocks and backfist- like Lap Sao
Arm Conditioning-
1. down inside, up, down outside
2. outside block, right hand cover, smash down w/ left (do both sides)- like Pi chuan
body conditioning:
Push ups
sit ups- 80
yoga-cobra (after situps)
bicycles- elbow to knee
scissor for abs
side leg lifts left and right side
sitting- silent meditation
stand and bow out.
Sensei- emphasis
1. dont do stiff forms- other hand has function as well in attack/defense- as a cover/loose hand
2. snap/recoil punches and be loose
3. work lateral angles when sparring, keep hands up
4. snap kick as well to abs region, high kicks not necessary
5. arm conditioning- levels: basic, fast, hard.



Does anyone remember the exercises they used to do growing up in school? elementary-high school level.

a stardard set would be-

jumping jacks
wing stretches (pectoralis) and shoulder stretches,
circling arms above head, sides and front,
sit ups
push ups,
sitting stretches
standing stretches- touching toes
running type stretches.

now-a-days I see that people have lost this basic type of exercises. I introduced some very basic stretches in Tai chi class Saturday and people cant touch their toes. I want to introduce basic strength/physical education before learning tai chi.

remember Presidential physical fitness testing-

you had:
jump rope
jumping with chalk (height)
pull ups
sit ups
kilometer course
agility drill with blocks
challenge course
rope climb
peg climb

I think people should still be able to do these thing into their adulthood.


Modified Meditation page- with instructional clips and more exercisesBasic Meditation Exercises


Added new clips of MMA- Sample Video Clips- Team Llyod Irvin's Arlington Va. school

Friends in the Tao- Happy New Year 2006 message

Hope everyone is doing well ending 2005 with harmony and prosperity. 2005 has provided me with growth in many areas in my life, chiefly in the field of Theraputic Massage and Bodywork with National Certification which will springboard me towards further education in accupunture. A big Thanks for those who helped along the way (you know who you are). I hope everyone has noticed progressive change in their practices and see tremendous personal growth. Wishing the best of health for 2006.



Here I have added some new additions/revisions- Stretching and Taijiquan and Wushu-Kung Fu

Books and Videos by Wilson Pitts

Wilson Pitts has studied martial arts full time for thirty years. He coauthored, with David Manning White the first book on Chi Kung in English in 1984. His first video production, Tai Chi with Wilson Pitts received a 4 star highly recommended rating from the Librarian’s Video Review in 1985. Since then Wilson has gone on to produce 16 videos on Chinese gung-fu and to write 6 books on internal Chinese martial arts and Chinese Medicine.  He taught a for credit class on the history and practice of Yang style Tai Chi at Virginia Commonwealth University for five years and has taught extensively all over the United States, most notably in New York City since 1992.  
His students have won gold metals in competition at A Taste of China, Yin Yang Tournament, and most recently at the USCKSF national championships last July.

Books and instructional videos-

 Tai-Chi Chuan Book 1 Building a Daily Practice                   Book and video$40
            Tai-Chi Chuan Book 2                                                 Book and video$40
Tai-Chi Tui Shou - An introduction to push hands                  Book and video$40
* Tai-Chi Tui Shou  tape 2- two hand push hands                     video$40             new!
Tai Chi Dao- Yang Style Condensed Knife Form                    Book and video$40
Tai Chi Ruler- Qi Gong                                                            Book $10
Pa Kua Chang-Eight Animal Single Changes                          Book and video$40
* Da Lu- Four corners drill and moving push hands             video$40             new!

Other videos-

Chi Kung- daily practice from Hua Shan   video
$35                              T-Shirts - $15
Ta-Chi push hands- tape 2                    video$40
Ta-Chi partner practice             video$35
Hsing-I - Five Elements                        video$35
Gao Style Pa Kua- takedowns                video$40
Gao style Pa Kua-                              video$40
 takedown counters
Kitchen Kung-fu                                   video$35
Tai –Chi balanced set                           video$25
Form to Function- fighting applications   video$35
Pa Kua Chang- Five Elements video$35
Pa Kua Chang- Double Changes         video$35
Scientific Boxing- 1988             video $25


Nov. 2005

Had 9 fights today. sore as hell and I damaged my foot.

I was invited to train with these people and had a blast-

The guys at http://www.grtc.org  were pretty good- Scott trained with Robert Smith and Wang Yien Nian- Michuan Yangjia Taijiquan system. here is a rundown of the Yang taiji class-

Notes from Great river Taoist tai chi training-

1 Stretching exercise- 2 sets of a meditative qigong- bending  front way 3 times, left side 3 times right side 3 times.

2-  Standing qigong- 30 minutes total - front, left leg, front, right leg, front, balance left leg, front, balance right leg.

3-body conditioning- Spinal twisting hitting body.
-two person- arm hiting outer  forearm and inner forearm,
leg hitting- outside lower leg hitting and back leg sweep/hitting.
-Back conditioning using wall.
-self massage- inside arm, outside arm, inside leg, outside leg.

4.-37 Yang short form sequence

5. -San Shou- rules: anything goes. full speed, half power. head gear, mouth piece, MMA gloves, cup. rules- can hit any way, can go to ground, tap out when necessary. throws, punches, kicks, knees elbows, takedown, submission grappling all legal. 5 minute rounds 1 minute break. i got to fight with 9 people.

6. Finished with showing them some post-workout massage. A tai chi massage/myo-skeletal release pattern.

Went out to lunch.

Dec. 2005

Added new clips to sample video of several masters performing taijiquan, push hands sword, rare taijiquan styles like Imperial Yang and Wu Fast form. Also added some new lei tai and san shou fighting clips. Quality is not good on these.

Nov. 13,2005- I will be adding some fighting combinations from Thai Boxing soon. In the meantime I added more Tai Chi Chuan supplemental trainings here: Tai Chi Body Conditioning Also I went and saw the Beijing Wushu Team a much more popular topic. You can see some video clips here: Beijing Wushu Team 2005 Xianhao finally sent me a picture of his teacher Zhu Liang Fang with his teacher: Jiang Yu Kun.

Master Jiang was a famous student of Tai Chi Grandmaster Yang Chen Fu. Other than that I embedded a song from a Ambient group called Hook the Captain; unusual name cool sound.


Oct. 16.2005 I have added some Yang Taijiquan Fajing Basics, Moving step Tui Shou (push hands)and more weapon basic practice.Yang Taijiquan Fajing, Moving step Tui Shou- Push Hands- Weapon Basics Taiji: broadsword, straight sword and spear


Oct.12 2005- WE HAVE a NEWER LOOK!! FLASH provided by Jason Wetzel in Virginia Beach!! Big ups to Jason. I have made some minor modifications to the Sample Video Page and Fighter Training Area Page with Addition of Thai Boxing notes.


October 1st 2005-

Worked on some Shaolin Forms from back in the Omei days. Reviewed the Chen form Laojia (Old frame) Erlu (second routine)Pao Chi (Cannon fist)and some Tui Shou (Push Hands)freestyle stationary step push hands. Shaolin, Chen Tai Chi Cannon fist and Tui Shou- Push Hands It was a great work out.


September 12 2005

Summers now past...Fighter camp in June was really fun. It was a highlight of my Summer helping the guys and gals who would compete in Baltimore. I plan on going to more of these pre-fight seminars. Fight Night June 6 2005 videos

Wilson who was our boxing coach has also put together some of the Traditional Chinese information from our teacher Amy Tseng clinical practice.For New Patients

Currently spending a considerable amount to time preparing for my National Massage Therapist Exam since I finished my 500 hour course in Massage Therapy late July .

I had a really great time especially in July when I went to a Open audition for a Reality T.V. series in Hollywood California. They were looking for "The Next Martial Arts Superstar"...it was advertised in several magazines. So I went since it was part of Black Belt Magazines Festival and seminars with alot of celebrity martial arts actors present.

I had fun, but the Black Belt event was pretty much out of my element- mostly Karate and Taekwondo people. There were alot of masters and alot of booths set up. The only one I was interested in was the UFC booth and talked with some of the fighters. Don Frye, Dan Severn were present and Forest Griffin signed a autograph for our MMA school in Va.

I did the Cung Le seminar, Mike Swain (5 x Olympic judo champ) and William Cheng Seminars- (Wing chun).

The Superstar Audition was weak. I did it anyways for shits and giggles....The turn out was at most 300+ people and they expected 700. I should of brought my silk uniform and straight sword cause we had to read script from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I really would of loved to do some sword play while reading it- "Give back the Sword!" ..."you know wudang!!!"

I didnt think the judges liked my form and I know I didnt care when I read the lines. So I did 1/2 taiji and 1/2 raged out boxing, thai boxing, and MMA freestyle 'ground and pound'. My attire was in plain clothes. Basically I did my own script like I was doing Tai Chi Chuan and turn around as if someone said 'art fag' and then I rage on them with speed and finesse.

Also there were definetly alot of hybrid karate taekwondo types. People doing forms outside the audition...it was funny, I just stood and waited and met some really cool people in line.

June News: Xianhao Cheng has released a new translation of some "Taiji Classics" that Yang Family passed to the next generation. It can be seen in July/Aug 2005 edition of "Kung Fu: Tai Chi" His article is 'Taiji Comprehensive Ryhymed Formula'is a translation of documents on Application and Strategy. Please Enjoy this article from this master's knowledgeable source. Be sure to partake in any of the exciting tournaments in USA- July 4th- Winchester Va. AToC : A Taste of China seminars with many great teachers and return of the 2005 Taijiquan tournament and Push Hands competition www.atoctaijiquan.com. Wong Tournament in Downtown Hyatt Regency Capital Hill July 3rd. DC: www.wongpeople.com, Cung Le is having his USA San Shou team try-out in San Jose California www.borntofight.com Koushu USCKF in late July 23 and 24 Hunt Valley Marriot- Wushu and Traditional, Lei Tai-full Contact. Koushu tournament also Wushu Union is Having the tournament in Los Vegas Aug. 6-7th www.uswushuunion.com, USA Team Trials in Conneticut same weekend of 6th and 7th www.usawkf.org. Please go out and compete and/or support your local fighters and competitiors who cant financially. Support your local martial schools and children. In Reston Va.- Qi Elements for Shaolin and Tai Chi www.qielements.com, Fairfax Va.- Chinese Martial Arts Institute www.cmai-va.com and Omei wushu School http://www.omei-wushu.com, Arlington Va.- Team Lloyd Irvin's Mixed Martial Arts Acedemy www.novamartialarts.com

Recently added Documents 8 Extraordinary Channels important in Martial Arts
and Taijiquan Postures and the I Ching (Book of Changes and Divination).


6-4-05- added more to sample- Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Wing Chun, Yang Applications.

5-30-05: Added Massage and fighters area to Main page and updated. See Jump roping in fighter section.Also a sample of some new Video of Qigong, Applications, Weapon Basics, ect. Massage

Fighters Area

Sampler:Video clips of taiji, qigong,combat application, weapon basics.

Also seminar in June coming-

Full Contact Fighter’s Camp

Lei Tai, San Shou, San Da, Kickboxing, MMA


June 17-19, 2005 Richmond Va. Presented by Wilson Pitts and Sifu Roberto Sharpe.

Space is limited to 12 participants

This camp will help us to prepare for the IKSF U.S. Championships in July. This is full contact Chinese style free fighting. The World Championships are in Viet Nam in December. Wilson and Roberto bring their combined experience [over 50 years combined in boxing and the martial arts] to truly prepare each fighter to maximize his or her potential.

This not a simple “cardio-camp” but a complete preparation for all full contact competition. Fighters from as far away as California will be in attendance. What you learn here will enhance all of your martial arts training in the future. You do not need to be a fighter to attend. We can tailor the workout to your level, or you can take the “How to second a fighter”on Sunday for $60.

Cost is $200 dollars for the weekend including dinner on Friday and lunch Saturday and Sunday, plus video of your fights. Hotels are close by and we can help you make arrangements in advance.

Send registration by June 1, 2005 to Wilson Pitts 316 S. Cherry St. Richmond VA.

Contact : Sifu Roberto in NYC at 212-982 6544.

Or Wilson Pitts- 804 683-5036 wilsonpitts@yahoo.com



Friday-June 17 afternoon Seminar I- conditioning, recovery, pacing, and over training. Taught by- Wilson and Roberto

Seminar II- We will help each fighter develop a simple fight plan that can be executed under stress. Discussion/Demo- can Chinese internal arts[Tai-Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing-i] be used in full contact MMA ?History would indicate that they can. with Wilson and Roberto.

Trail hike in the late afternoon

After dinner workout–takedowns, sweeps, and basic catches. –Roberto Sharpe

Friday night we will study fight films.


Saturday June 18. – morning Seminar I-special stretching and flexibility class. -Roberto

Afternoon- full contact sparring -All full contact sparring sessions will be videoed and reviewed with the fighters afterwards.

Lunch- watch videos with Wilson

Saturday night we will “walk through” the entire event, practicing warming up, fighting, recovering, waiting, fighting again etc.


Sunday- June 19 morning Seminar I - Chi Kung for martial arts. This chi kung set aids recovery and prevents overtraining.-Wilson

Seminar II–boxing drills. Wilson and Roberto

Video lunch

Sunday afternoon- Special seminar for corner men- How to Second a Fighter- including first aid for fighters using Chinese medicine.


Chinese body work will be available on site. If you register by May 15 you can have two sessions over the weekend for only $50 extra.

Each fighter needs to bring his own equipment, including mouth piece, cup, shin/foot pads, head gear, chest protector, and fourteen ounce or heavier boxing gloves if you have them. You will also need a physical from a doctor if you are going to fight and you have to sign the release form.



The coaches- Wilson Pitts brings thirty years of experience in boxing and Chinese martial arts to bear on all fighters he trains. His specialty is strategy and helping fighters map out a simple but effective fight plan. Wilson teaches from video and is an expert at watching video of the opponent’s fights and then coaching a strategic fight plan based on what he sees. He has trained many fighters in the past 20 years including Roberto Sharpe and Jamar Clarke in NYC. He currently trains Celeste Wray, a 115 lb. woman’s MMA, and boxing contestant from Chesapeake VA.

Roberto Sharpe- one of New York City’s best mixed martial arts personal trainers. Roberto’s specialty is all aspects of conditioning. Roberto is an incredible example of his own work with his “martial arts made” body and amazing cross training regime.


Adopt a fighter- We are actively looking for people who want to second fighters at the IKSF event [July22-25 Towson Maryland] to come to camp and practice working in the corner with their fighters. If you can’t work the corner but you want to support a contestant you can contribute toward the entry fee or expenses for a fighter. These people are training hard to fight for no money and each participant has to come up with the entry fee and two nights in a hotel room plus food and travel expenses so if you can help in any way it would be appreciated.

5-24-05- Been busy with getting ready to finish up massage school in late July. Been trading Massage and Body work on the fighters for lessons at Jeff Ruth's school in Arlington , possibly thinking of competition this summer, thinking about career possiblities with teaching massage, going to learn accupunture, or just keep my steady job as a 'Techno Guru'. This master is very interesting- Wu Dang Kung Fu Master Lu Xiao Lin in Takoma Park Maryland seems like a teacher who could benefit my spiritual and physical unrestfulness.

New Gallery of MastersGallery: Masters Realm

I have updated Taijiquan and also Martial Resume.

New books released to check out-

Yang Chen Fu- Application of Taijiquan translated by Louis Swain.

The Tai Chi Classics translated by Barbara Davis.

A Tooth from the Tigers mouth- by Tom Bisio


pictures 3-6-05

Here I have added some pictures of some classical masters, Xianhao Cheng, Yang Jun, Coach Li Ying from Beijing wushu team, Omei wushu

Gallery 3-5-05

Pictures rom I-ching, Yang Family, Fu Zhong Wen family , Cai Long Yu, He weiqi, Zhou Jian Hua, Omei wushu- Lu Xiao Lin, IMAC, USWU Pittsburg, and many other pics.


New videos uploaded 2-5-05 Shaolin, Straight Sword, Tan tuei, Pan Am's, Yang Taijiquan
Coming soon- short Clips of All Taijiquan styles with Grandmasters Yang Zhen Dou, Fu Zhong Wen, Ma Yeuh Liang, and other top representatives of the major styles of Taijiquan- Chen, Sun, Hao, Wudang!

3-1-05:Added the links page: Links to other great places and schools.

Intensive 6 week Shaolin Chin Na Course


Master Tony Lin (Lin Teng Feng), younger brother of Master Wily Lin is here to teach an Intensive 6 week Shaolin Chin Na Course. His Chin Na technique is extraordinary and this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn this extremely effective self defense methodology directly from one of China's premiere masters. Sorry, classes are limited to the first to register. Absolutely no previous experience or ability is required. What makes this system so unique is almost anyone can be effective immediately if they have the proper knowledge and instruction! Learn a complete self defense system. Classes at CMAI Begin Sunday February, 26, 2005 @ 4pm:


Classes will be held on Sun. @4pm, Tues. & Thurs. @ 8pm for 6 weeks Classes are 90 minutes each; Complete course is 18 lessons or 27 hours. Cost $450.00


2-21-05 added Chinese Martial Arts Institute New Year and more

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