Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  Here I would like to share some information on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe that it is very beneficial method of healing that I am learning and studying. TCM can help many health problems that westerners may be unfamiliar to.

For New Patients: Reduce stress is the first step.

TCM- for psychological stress and mental health.

TCM- view of uterus that is just for women

TCM- the internal organs as Qi systems

8 Extraordinary Channels

TCM Massage information

Blog topics, notes from Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (VUOM)

TCM for Allergy
TCM Tui Na massage.
TCM Qigong class notes: 8 piece brocade.

TCM: Thermal Diet 4000 years of Food
Patting Massage on Acu-points
Diagnosis in TCM notes
Herbology study guide
SaAm acupuncture: 4 Needle technique


Some of my influential teachers and friends have been-

Dr. Amy Tseng- TCM- Richmond Va.
Wilson Pitts- Taijiquan, Qigong, and Polarity Massage- Richmond Va.
Dr. Shiung-Fei Kang- TCM- Richmond Va. now in New York
Dr. John Kang (Grandon of Shung-Fei)RVA.
Xu Jenheng- Goulin Qigong Massage- Richmond Va.
Madam Leanne Gehan- Tui-Na- Virginia Beach Va.
Nancy Bloomfield- Qi Elements School of Massage- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Zhiqiang (Charlie) Lu- TCM- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Sulan Su- TCM- Rockville MD
Dr. Alex Shpigel- San Diego Hsing-i and TCM practitioner from PCOM.
Dr. Dale Dugas- martial artist, TCM practitioner, Iron palm liniments.
Dr. Brian Allen- PCOM grad in Delaware, martial artist, acupuncturist.
PCOM- Pacific College of Oriental medicine
VUOM- Virginia University of Oriental medicine.
Dr. Eugene Zhang- TCM doctor. Fairfax Va. clinic.
Dr. Newton Lee- TCM doctor and professor at VUOM.
Dr. Kuou- TCM doctor and professor from PCOM at VUOM
Dr. Aubrey Fisher- TCM doctor and professor from PCOM at VUOM
Dr. Choo-TCM doctor and professor at VUOM
Dr. Dae Kim-TCM doctor and professor at VUOM
Dr. Honwan Choong-TCM doctor and professor at VUOM

Diet: the fundamental basics to good health

Traditional Chinese Diet Therapy

Traditional Chinese Diet therapy is based on several thousands of years of monks studying the energy nature of foods and how they make the body react. They classified various foods as Hot, Warm, Neutral, Cool, and Cold in nature and how they affect your energy or "Qi".

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Western Nutritional Information

Here is some information on the Glycemic Index (GI) diet and the Alkaline diet, so that a individual can learn to control the amount of sugars and acidic foods in your daily eating.

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