Ba dua jing- 8 piece brochade

1. Raise hands like in begining taiji form

2. hold ball left and right

3. roll like a wave

4. alternate pressing in balance step

5. yin/yang press out

6. complete breath

7. a. tilting scale and stretch; b.raise hands, bend forward stetch arms behind

8. swinging arms

crane- crane is done in summertime to cool body temperature. It is combined in springtime and fall with the bear exercise. Crane uses a yin posture of feet together. The body gently rocks back and forth like a crane in the breeze during its standing sections. First part is standing, second is holding arms out, third is allowing arms down slowly, forth is bringing qi to heart, fifth is up and down squatting with back straight and palms rotate up, sixth is making hook hands with arms out to sides and then relaxing palms, fingers move out, seventh is crane kicking to open up hip joint, last is the crane walking.

The bear is based in wintertime to warm the body temperature and also done with crane in spring and fall. The bear is a fearless mammal. The big dipper constellation is represented as a bear in taoist cosmology. It points to the northstar. The Bear exercise requires a deep horse stance with toes pointed outward and arms out. This posture is held for several minutes to build internal heat. second part is pushing left, right and center, third is turning body pressing hands down, fourth is twisting waist with arms out, and last is rotating arms and waist look back opening spine. Last is bear walking exercise which is a mother form of hsingyiquan.

six healing sounds: Lion roar- lung exercise. Dragon Heart- heart exercise, Spleen exercise, kidney exercise, Liver exercise, expelling toxins, taoist mudra holding posture- marriage of sun and moon.