Internal Martial Arts fighter "Hall of Fame"

contributors: Dr.Ken Fish, Troy Roy, Bret Bumgarner, Edward Cha, Johnny Kuo, and compiled by Matt Stampe

Welcome to the Hall of Fame. This is an incomplete list of Internal and Chinese San Shou martial artists who have gone out and competed in either Full contact Lei Tai, SanDa/San Shou, Shuai Chiao wrestling, and Tui Shou/Push Hands events. I am always open to suggestions, additions, better write-ups, and feedback for this webpage. Please contact me if you know some fighters. Verify their fight record, pictures, videos, etc.

IMA fighter of the year 2012: Natalia Hill: Women's full contact and push hands champion, fought in Worlds in Malaysia Fall 2012.

IMA fighter/team of the century 1900-2000: Mike Patterson and Hsing-i team, National and International competitions in 1970's to late 90's, early 2000.

IMA fighter of the decade 2000-2010: Patrick Brady, 4x Lei Tai and push hands champion.

CMA(Chinese martial arts)lifetime achievement award: Cung Le, San Shou champion, Strike force and UFC MMA champion.

Sample Vids of China and Taiwan Full contact fighting:

The following Masters and Students who have fought, placed great emphasis on fighting skills with Internal Arts, and have developed high level combat athletes that fight in tournaments.

 This site has several sections:

1. HISTORICAL MASTERS of IMA (Internal Martial Arts).

2. Military, Law Enforcement, and Security

3. Living Neijia: Teachers and Students.

4. Professional San Shou and MMA fighters

5. Amateur Lei Tai and San Shou fighters

6. Fight Teams (future section)

7. The Push Hands (Tui Shou) People

8. IMA Tournaments and Historic Events

9.  Other Significant Chinese Martial Artists

10. Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling)(future section)

11. Classical Boxers with Internal Influence (future section)


Historical Masters of IMA


HISTORICAL MASTERS of IMA (Internal Martial Arts).

Yang Luchan (1799-1872) and Yang family - Yang's Tai Chi founder- Yang Luchan had learned Shaolin Hong Chuan "Red Boxing" in his early days. After hearing of Taijiquan in Chen village he became a servant to Chen Family and got to learn for as long as 18 years. He was also reported to have learned later in life some Taoist Tai Chi. He took challengers in Beijing becoming famous as "Yang the Unsurpassed". His martial art became know as Yang's Tai Chi. He was a palace guard instructor for the Royal family. His sons Yang Banhou, Yang Jianhou, and grandsons Yang Shaohao and Yang Chengfu were known to have used Yang's Tai Chi in Lei Tai fight competitions and challenges.


    Yang Lu Chan            Yang Ban Hou            Yang Jian Hou                    Yang Shao Hao 



        Yang Cheng fu      Zhang Qinlin         Fu Zhongwen           Zheng Manqing


Zhang Qinlin (early 1900s) - Tai Chi master who was a disciple of Yang Chien Hou known to have accepted several challenges for the Yang family.

Fu Zhong Wen (1900-1994) Tai Chi master who was known to have accepted challenges for Yang Chen Fu in Southern China. He later became authority of Yang school in China and founder of the International Yongnian Taijiquan Association.

Fu Zhong Wen Demonstrates "Fa Jin"

Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man Ching) was known to have taken several challenges. He was a true teacher and a man of 5 excellence (medicine, poetry, art, calligraphy and martial arts). Zheng manqing collaborated with Robert W. Smith to produce some of the first books on Tai Chi Chuan in the west. He taught in New York City in his last decade at the Shir Jung school branch.

Cheng Man-Ching: Push hands in Taiwan



Dong Hai Chien         Cheng Ting Hua         Yin Fu                          Gao Yi Sheng       Fu Zhen Song




       Li Cun Yi        Chang Chao Dong         Sun Lu Tang         Gu Ruzhang


Dong Hai Chuan (1797-1802) - Became famous as a Palace guard trainer in Beijing's Royal Palace. He taught Baguazhang to the palace guards there and left a Baguazhang legacy.

Guo Yun Shen (1829 - 1898) also known as "the divine crushing fist"- famous for his Beng chuan to knock out a man.

Cheng Ting Hua (1848-1900) - died fighting in the Boxer Rebellion using Bagua known to have killed many German soldiers. His Bagua was influenced by Shaui Chiao throws and is known as "Cheng's Bagua".

Yin Fu (1840-1909) - Student of Dong Hai Chuan and body guard to Empresses Dowager, taught many students Bagua and became "Yin's bagua".

Gao Yi Sheng (1866-1951) - student from the line of Cheng Ting Hua, who was known to have killed a man in a challenge.

Li Ruidong (1851-1917) - Tan Tuei and Fanzi martial artist who learned Tai Chi from Yang Lu Chan and later became part of the Royal Palace body guard instructors. He was know to accept challengers.

Sun Lutang (1862-1933 )- earliest master to begin writing on Hsingyi, Pakuachang, and Taijiquan, was know to have fought several Japanese masters.

Fu Zhen Song (1881-1953) - one of the 5 'Northern Tigers' of China to teach in Southern China. Was known to have fought a gang of bandits and killing their leader. Taught in Southern China and took many challengers.



Wu Yu Xiang        Wu Chien Chuan   Ma Yueh Liang     Liang Zhen Pu      Li Ziming



Chen Pan Ling           Dong Yingjie


Wu Yu Xiang- Wu was friends with Yang Lu Chan and was able to get Yang into Beijing to help with the Yang's fame. He also learned Chen Taiji and developed Wu style (different from Wu Quan Yu's style) that passed to Li I Yu and Hao Wei zheng, eventually to Sun Lu Tang.

Wu Quan Yu- was a palace guard and learned from Yang family.

Wu Chien Chuan: Quan Yu's Son who taught in Beijing and Shanghai.

Ma Yue Liang- we know him as a push hands master with extraordinary skill.

Hao Wei Zheng- Hao style founder who fought, was a student of Li-I Yu.

Liang Zhen Pu- Bagua master, he was most famous for single-handedly defeating (and killing) "Zhao Liu" and a large number of his henchmen despite being unarmed; he was one of the most famous bandits of Hebei (冀縣四覇天 - means something like the "4 crushers of heaven of Ji County"). Although he was not the instigator, he was still arrested and put in jail, I think originally for life (his oldest disciple Li Tongtai had connections with the top eunuch and perhaps was able to reduce his sentence); he however was ultimately able to escape amidst the chaos of the Boxer Rebellion.

Li Zi Ming- Bagua master, in many ways is famous via his top disciple, Ma Chuanxu; as a communist official he was more restricted in his actions than others would be. However, there are some stories, such as one of his defeating hoodlums before boarding a train as a youth. He was also active in covering certain high-level officials during the Chinese Civil War

Chen Panling: helped with setting up Koushu Lei Tai events in China and Taiwan.

Dong Yingjie: he did created 2 fast forms, one based on Yang Chen Fu's fighting techniques and hand an interest in fighting ability.

Du Xin Wu - Ziran Men master, security escort and bodyguard if Sun Yatsen.

Li Cun Yi (1847 - 1921)- Hsingyi and Bagua master who formed a Body guard agency. He fought in the boxer rebellion.

Che Yi Zhai (yyyy-yyyy)- Early Hsingyiquan pioneer in foundation and spreading of Hsingyiquan as a fighting martial art.

Li Fu Zhen (yyyy- yyyy)- #2 along with Che Yi Zhai in forming Hsingyi schools.

Wu Meng Xia (1905-1979)- he had a fiery temper and like to challenge others. He was a Bagua and Xingyi student under Han Muxia and was a senior student of Gao Yisheng. He learned Yang Taiji from Nui Lian Yuan, a student of Yang Banhou.

Chang Chao Dong (1859 - 1940)- was known to beat up bullies and bandits using Hsingyi.

Ma Weiqi (1851 - 1886)- Bagua master who had a fiery temper and liked to challenge people.

Li Jinglin (1885-1932)was a Chinese General who popularized Wudang Sword and helped organize Lei tai fight tournaments in China in 1920's. As a military man he coordinated several army attacks in troubled times.

Zhang Xiangwu- his reputation in the northeast for killing drug dealers, he was a terrifying figure. He's also the one who introduced Li Jingling to his Kunwu sword teacher, Song Weiyi. Aside from being a wartime general, Baji and Taiji master, he was also the vice-dean of the entire Nanjing academy.


                 Gu Ruzhang               Wan Laisheng                      Wang Xiangzhai           Chen Fake



               Li  Ruidong                       Wu Kung Yi                       Li Jin Lin                     Lu Shuai Tien


Wang Xiangzhai (1885-1963) - Yiquan (Mind-boxing) founder- mixed Guo Yun Shen's Hsingyi, Shaolin, Boxing, Pakua and Tai chi into his own style. Yiquan fighters from Wang Xiangzhai's disciples are currently some of the top MMA and Sanda fighters in Mainland China.

Chen Fake (1887 - 1957)- was known to test his Taijiquan against wrestlers and strong men in various competitions to show Taijiquan's ability.

Gu Ruzhang (1893-1952) - one of the other 'Northern Tigers' to teach in Southern China. Was a military instructor and fought in the Nanking tournament in 1932. He was known to compete with Russians and once used his Iron Palm technique to kill a horse.

Lu Song'gao (1875-1962) was the first one to popularize the art and teach it to non-Moslems. Lu killed a man in a fight in his hometown, Zhoukou, and had to flee. He first went to Wuhan where he met Tie family (Mai Zhuangtu's adopted daughter was married to Tie Bing), then to Anhui Province, where he stayed for some time with his gongfu brother Song Guobin. Finally Lu moved and settled down in Shanghai, where he defeated many famous martial artists. Later, along with more Moslem Xinyi Liuhe experts coming to the city, Shanghai became new center of the art.

Lu Shuai Tien (1894-1978) - WWII Shangtung Province rebel guerrilla to have killed Japanese occupying soldiers using Baguazhang. He escaped capture to Korea and taught in Inchon's Chinatown.

Wu Kung Yi (1900-1970) - Wu Tai chi master that at age 54, he answered to a challenge and fought on film for charity, vs. a White Crane Kung fu man.

Macau fight with Wu Kung Yi

Wan Laisheng (1903-1995)- Natural Boxing School one of the other 'Northern Tigers' to teach in Southern China. He won several competitions including the Five Provinces North China Tournament in 1928, and he also captured First in the First Nanjing Wushu Arena Contest, a well publicized event.


     Wu Meng Xia                          Zhang Jun Feng               Robert Smith and Wang Shu Jin               Hong Yi Hsiang



 Chang Tung Cheng        Huang sheng Shyan      Hsu Hong Ji            Robert W. Smith


Robert W. Smith- lived in Taiwan as part of CIA gathering of information on martial arts of Asia,  he studied Tai Chi with Cheng Man Ching and a few others on Taiwan. He was known to try Judo competitions and boxing training at one point in terms of fighting. Robert Smith's student Allen Pittman  who lived and trained in Taiwan, also helped produced many books on Chinese Neijia including Gao Bagua and Xingyiquan. Bart Ingram, was one of Robert Smith's students, who used his Taijiquan to test how he would do in Golden Gloves competitions. Bart won several of his fights.

Robert Smith on Tai Chi with Cheng Man Ching:

       Chang Tung Sheng              Huang Sheng Shyan          Hsu Hong Ji


Chang Tung Sheng (1908-1986)- Shuai Chiao master who incorporated Tai Chi, Bagua, and hsingyi with his base style of Shuai Chiao. Master Chang demo

Chang Demo Shuai Chiao throws:

Huang Sheng Shyan (1910-1992) vs wrestler Tai Chi master from Malaysia who was known to have demonstrated Tai Chi vs Strong men and Wrestlers. Developed a high level ability in Tai Chi as a White Crane master.

 vs. Wrestler

Zhang Jun Feng (1902-1974)- Zhang Jun Feng taught Hsingyi, Bagua, and Tai Chi on the Island of Taiwan and had several students become great fighters, mainly Hong Yixiang, Hong Yiwen, and Hong Yimian. Zhang Jun Feng teaching vid

Zhang Junfeng (1902-1974) video from Dr. Ken Fish

Wang Shu Jin- Internal martial artist known for Hsingyi, Pakua, and Taiji who took on many full contact challenges from south East Asia and Japan and never lost.

Wang Shu Jin Hsingyi demo:

Hung Yi Hsiang- Zhang Jun Feng student who taught many fighters.

Hung Yi Hsing and Luo De Xiu demonstrates Baguazhang.

Hsu Hong Ji- became a skilled boxer and street fighter with learning the Tang Shou Tao system using neijia arts. He taught many Japanese and Americans who won many fight competitions.



                  Wang Peishang         Kuo Lien Ying                 Liu Yunqiao              Hong Junsheng       Jiang Hao-Quan


Wang Peishan (1919-2004)g- was known for teaching Wu style Tai Chi in Beijing, but also learned many martial arts starting at a young age and took on several challenges during his lifetime to prove martial ability.

Liu Yunqiao (1909-1992)- tai zu quan, mi zong yi, bajiquan/pigua zhang, bagua zhang, and liuhe tanglang quan. He was Li Shu Wen's last disciple and spent over 10 years with him. Although his forte was bajiquan, he also was a disciple of Gong Bao Tian and Ding ZiCheng and had an indpeth knowledge of taijiquan which he obtained from his older Gongfu brother, Zhang Xiang Wu. Liu served in the Guomindang military and also Dai Li. After retiring from the military at the rank of colonel, he taught many bodyguards, military and public students throughout Taiwan.


Xue Dian (yyyy-yyyy)g- was known for teaching Xingyiquan in Tianjin in 1920's and on, he learned martial arts starting at a young age and took on several challenges.

Kuo Lien Ying (1895-1985)- Guang Ping Taiji master, there are many stories of Kou accepting and issuing challenges. Kuo Lien Ying challenged Cheng Man Ching and was known to have thrown Bruce Lee out of his school in San Francisco. Security guard for some company in China/Inner Mongolia. He also reportedly challenged Joe Louis the boxing champ when he was in Taiwan. Louis never responded.

Hong Junsheng (1907-1996)-Chen Sytle Taijiquan master who successfully used Chen Taiji is several confrontations and challenges. He was known to also challenge a few famous teachers using Tui Shou or 'push hands'.


Jiang Hao Quan - Professor Jiang was a student of Jiang Rongqiao, a major figure in Bagua and (to a lesser extent) Xingyi. he was also an avid boxer.


Hu Yuen Chou (1906-1997) was a Choy Let fut and Yang Tai chi instructor in Canton. He fought a Russian boxer in Canton. He has studied Taiji with Chen Wei-Ming and later Yang Chen Fu. His student is Doc Fei-wong in San Fancisco.



IMA in Military, Law Enforcement, Security


IMA in Military, Law Enforcement, Security


 Several of some of the previous IMA Masters had been presented or to be presented later had some background with training Military, Law Enforcement, and Security.



General Yueh Fei           Sun Tzu                   Chen Wan Ting           Yang Lu Chan            Dong Hai Chuan


     Yin Fu                         General Qi Jiguan

General Yeuh Fei- legendary General who taught his troops, Ba Duan Jin, Eagle Claw Pressure point fighting and Hsingyiquan.

Sun Tzu- author of the "Art of War." Legendary figure.

General Qi Jiquan- Is a general that is pivotal in the development of the Chinese Miao Dao sword used in combat.

Chen Wan Ting- Garrison Commander who is supposed to have received teachings of Taijiquan in a unbroken lineage from Chang San Feng.

Imperial Palace of the Emperor of China: Palace Security and Guard trainers. Yang Lu Chan, Dong Hai Chuan, Yin fu- bodyguard to Emperess Dowager.

The Boxer Rebellion -Uprising of Chinese fighters verses the Western Powers occupying China.




General Li Jin Lin                 Lu Shuai Tien                  Wang Yien Nian                     Wang Jyue Jen

General Li Jin Lin- General who was a pivotal in the development of the Central Goushu Academy in Nanjing in late 1920's.

General Zhang Zuo-Lin- another General pivotal in the development of the Central Goushu Academy.

Lu Shuai Tien (1894-1978) - WWII Shangtung Province rebel guerrilla to have killed Japanese occupying soldiers using Baguazhang. He escaped capture to Korea and taught in Inchon's Chinatown.

Lo Man Kam nephew to Yip Man now in Taiwan. He is a police special forces teacher.


Wang Yen Nian- Yangjia Michaun Taiji instructor under Zhang Qilin, was in National Army that escaped to Taiwan R.O.C.




Wang Jyue Jen- solider with Chang Kai Shek's National Army, brought "Tien Shan Pai" abroad.





Robert W. Smith- was a Marine in WWII and later worked for the CIA gathering intelligence on Asian martial arts and wrote several books about it. He was an avid boxer, Judo player, and Neijia practitioner.

Dr. Ken Fish- was well known to teach CIA, FBI, and Law Enforcement personnel in the Washington DC area.

Sifu Clarence Burris- is a Tien Shan Pai instructor also know for training students in security and investigation services.

Nick Masi- Krav Maga instructor, Shuai Chiao Champion.



   Robert W. Smith              Dr. Ken Fish                     Dr. John Painter       Sifu Clarence Burris


Dr. John Painter- Baguazhang  Instructor with a background with Law Enforcement training for the Texas Ranger Police force.




Nick Masi (left)                     Steve Rowe             Mike Bingo               Troy Roy                   Gurjok K. Singh


Steve Rowe- in the U.K. Steve is a bouncer who trains in both Tai Chi and Karate.


Mike Bingo is a United States Army Special Forces Combat Veteran who operated in Europe and Asia for over fifteen years. During the years from 1969-1972, he lived in Taiwan, ROC and studied extensively under his teacher, Hsu Hong Chi, of Tang Shou Tao famous lineage, becoming his senior student. .licensed teacher and most respected lineage holder. He retired from the Special Forces at the rank of Sergeant Major.


J Kelly McCann, former Marine, CEO of Crucible Security, has been doing combative reality scenarios and training.


Troy Roy-  a Lei Tai full contact fighter was also US Army Military Policeman from 1988 til 1992. Then a Correctional Officer ("Prison Guard") on the East Coast before moving to Cali & joining the Univ of CA Office of the President Security Team in '02, and eventually becoming the head of the security team before I left in '05.


Gurjok K. Singh- Teaches fighters a combination of Tai Chi pugilism, Boxing, and Muay Thai. His Tai Chi teacher is Dr. Gary Stier OMD. Mr.Singh is a Retired Army Ranger and owner of Angels Gym that trains regional and state, mens and women, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and Grappling IKF and NAGA champions. He is also a book author, "The Art of Western Tai Chi".Angel's gym Youtube



Living Teachers and Students

Living Teachers and Students



      Cai Longyun             Ma Xianda                    Li Tai Liang               Park Bok Nam    Tiffany Chen and William CC Chen



Max Chen and William CC  Chen               Ben Lo                          Liang Shouyu                   Dr. Yang Jwing Ming


Cai Longyun- WWII era fighter. Practiced Longfist and Taijiquan. Currently holds 9th Duan Grandmaster. He fought and defeated Russian and American boxers in 1940s.He known as the 'Dragon' since his name 'Long' means Dragon. Zhou Jianhua is one of only two students to get a Masters Degree in Mainland China from Cai Longyun. Zhou teaches Wushu and San Shou in Richmond Virginia.

Cai Long Yu pictures:


Ma Chuanxu- baguazhang practitioner, many years of real-life service with the Beijing Public Security Bureau, never using a weapon.

Ma Xianda- baji, pigua, fanzi, etc. - 1952 won Leitai championship in China, 1953 won some kind of short weapon championship)


Wei Lun Choi-  was part of a 1971 delegation to fight in a South East Asian tournament. Wei Lun is a Hsingyi,, Pakuachang, and Liu Ho Pa Fa "Water boxing" master. He won this and several other matches.

Liang Shouyu- Master Liang Shouyu is a Shuaijiao master and well versed in all aspects of IMA from Taijiquan to Baguazhang and Xingyiquan in which he wrote several books teaching applications. He was voted in Mainland China as one of the top 20 coaches in late 80's early 90's. He competed in events and was a Champion in Shuaijiao and Weight lifting in his youth.


Dr. Yang Jwing Ming- is one of the worlds leading experts and publisher on martial arts from China. He began with books on Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Shaolin White Crane, and Qi-Na, and later collaborated with Liang Shouyu with books on Shuai chiao, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang books and videos which were unavailable before the 90's. He has produced more than 50 books and videos in over 20 different languages. Currently he has a retreat center training a batch of dedicated students in Traditional Martial arts including Shaolin, Neijiaquan, Qi-na, Qigong, meditation, and other Chinese cultural arts. Dr, Yang had produced many Champions including his children James Yang, Kathy Yang, Nicolas Yang, and student Jeff Bolt and others.




Li Tai Liang- is a disciple of Hsingyi and Pakua masters in china. he is part of the organization that assembles Sanda fight competitions in Mainland China. When he arrived in NYC he organized similar fight events in New York.

Park Bok Nam- Park's teacher Lu Shuai Tien made Park use his Pakua in fights with other Kung Fu schools to test his ability. Park taught Glen Wright who fought full contact in Taiwan using Pakua. Park's student Benson Flagg fought in Lei Tai in Taiwan using Pa-Kua in the 80's video here.

Park Bok Nam Demonstrates his Pakua chang



William CC Chen, Tiffany Chen and Max Chen Master William Chen competed in Full Contact fighting event in Taiwan in the early 1950s. As a student of Cheng Man-Ching, he demonstrated Tai Chi as a combat art. His daughter Tiffany Chen and son Max Chen have both been members of the US Lei Tai and US San Shou team and competed Nationally and Internationally.

Max Chen highlight reel




Ben Lo- had been challenged a few times while in Taiwan and was known to have used Tai Chi in a fight or two.





   Dr. Ken Fish           Dr. Vince Black          Shifu Mike Patterson        Su Dong Cheng          



              Luo De Xiu                         Tim Cartmell                Dr. Tom Bisio         


Dr. Ken Fish- Dr. Fish's earliest training was in NYC, having learned Futsao Wing Chun under Henry Leung . Dr Fish moved to Taiwan at age 14, where he studied XIngyi from Master Zhang Junfeng. In the early 1980's he learned Tongbeiquan and Cotton Boxing from Mrs. Zhu Suyi, an associate of Master Ch'en Panling, as well as Lohan system Shaolin from Master Hu Jiemin (one of President Chiang Kaishek's close bodyguards). Ken also trained in Boxing and was a Golden Gloves competitor.

Dr. Vince Black- In 1980, while in Taiwan to train with Hsu Hong Ji, he won the Super Heavyweight Division of the Cheng Chung Cup Invitational Full Contact Tournament.


Shifu Mike Patterson: Mike Patterson was the Taiwan National Champion for a couple of years back in the 70s under Hsu Hong Chi and student of Hung Yi Hsiang. He taught fighters how to use Hsingyi and Pakua in Lei Tai combat. Several of his fighters won in their divisions and became on the US team. He kept a team of Men and Women that dominated Lei Tai competitions for many year is mid-90s to early 2000. Alex Shpigel, Mario Mancini. Bob Reynolds, Steve Cotter were some of them. Video- Hsingyi Team

Mike Patterson's Champion Team



Su Dong Cheng- was one of Hung Yi Hsiang's tournament fighters in Taiwan,

Luo De Xiu- Hung Yi Hsiang's student, competed in national fighting events in Taiwan. He is a world renowned master of Neijia: Taiji, Bagua, and Xingyi. Luo has students teaching in europe and America. Including Marcus Brinkman, George Wood, Ed Hines, Nick Cumber and others- Links to Gao style Bagua here.

Tim Cartmell- trained with Luo De Xiu. In 1986 he won the middleweight division of the All Taiwan Invitational Full Contact Tournament, and then won the middleweight division of the Chung Cheng International Full Contact Tournament later that same year.

Dr. Tom Bisio- a true scholar warrior who has fought in events in Asia. Also a doctor of TCM as well as author of many books. fight

Tim Cartmell sample clip




Wong Jack man                           Peter Ralston                    Dan Docherty                              John Wang 


             Nigel Sutton                    C.K. Chu                Daniel Lee       Brent Hamby, Adam Caldwell, Brian Madign, Russ Middleton,

Wong Jack Man- taught Internal martial arts in San Francisco Bay area. Taught a San Shou team to National level, was known to have fought Bruce Lee.

EBM Kung Fu- Brent Hamby (Oakland San Shou) EBM in Oakland California has a pretty tough squad of fighters that train in both Internal martial arts and San shou. Team consists of Brent Hamby, Adam Caldwell, Brian Madign, Russ Middleton, and more. they carry on tradition of Wong Jack Man,


Peter Ralston- was a long-time student of Wong Jackman and also studied Tai Chi with William C.C. Chen in NY. In fact it was while he was training at Chen's school that he saw the poster for the (at the time, upcoming) 1978 World Full-Contact Fighting Championship in Taiwan and decided to compete. He went on to win the tournament, becoming the first non-Asian ever to do so.

Dan Docherty- Wutang TaiChi Style teacher in the UK who learned in Hong Kong, fought and won in a full contact events in Asia in late 1970s early 1980s.

John Wang- is a student of Chang Tung Sheng and competed and won in many Shaui Chiao competitons in China and USA. He is very good resource on techniques of combat for Shuai Chiao, Long fist, and Tai Chi.



David CK Lin        Daniel Weng      Chris Pei              BK Franzis           Derek Cheng             Matt Mollica

David C.K. Lin and Combat Shuai Chiao- is a student of Chang Tung Sheng and competed and won in many Shaui Chiao competitons in China and USA.The Combat Shuai Chiao association also included Victor Ke, John Wang , and Brian Wu.

Dr. Daniel Weng- is a student of Chang Tung Sheng and competed and won in many Shaui Chiao competitions in China and USA. He has produced National and International wrestlers.

Matt Mollica is a International and National Shuai Chiao Sifu and San Shou/San Da Coach. Student of Chang Tung Sheng and Dr. Daniel Weng.

Nick Masi is a International and National Shuai Chiao champion and Krav Maga instructor. Student of Dr. Daniel Weng.



Christopher Pei- is a Yang Taijiquan Coach having studied under Willy Lin in DC's Chinatown, with Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Zhen Dou and Yang Zhen Ji. He has also fought in his younger days in tournaments. He currently coaches San shou fighters who have competed in Lei Tai. His fighters include: Chris Chai, Adam, Marty, Alan Le, Sean Wargo.


Bruce Frantzis- studied in Taiwan, Japan, and Mainland China with many reputable masters and competed in tournaments.


Nigel Sutton- Trained in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing amoung places. In his book, "Searching for the way" Nigel talks about the fighting incidents and challenges of the Malaysian Taiji masters and talks about other no non-sense Baguzhang, Yiquan and other internal and external style people:



Koh Ah Tee              Lau Kim Hong      Ong Zi Chuan and Tan Swoh Thong        Tan Ching Ngee



Wu Chiang Hsing- CMC Taiji

Lau Kim Hong- CMC Taiji

Tan Geock Li- Hsingyi

Lu Tong Bae and Chen Yu He-

Koh Ah Tee- CMC Taiji

Lee Bian Lei- External martial arts and CMC Taiji under Lu Tong Bao

Ta Ching Ngee and Ong Zi Chuan- Yang Taiji

Tan Swoh Theng- 5 Ancestors fist



Wu Ching Hsing      Lee Bian Lei               Liang He Qing                 Gao Ji Wu


Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Gao Ji Wu and son Gao Zi Ying- Baguazhang

Comrade Liao- Yiquan

Liang He Qing and Yang Ching Feng-



Other Malaysian Masters of Huang Sheng Hsiang at Huang's 100th year anniversary:





Daniel Lee- Bruce Lee's student and golden gloves boxer in Shanghai, learned Tai Chi from Tung family.

C.K. Chu Sifu C.K. Chu a Tai Chi teacher in NYC has also produced several combat athletes who have had success in Lei Tai full contact events. One of his students 'John Signoriello' became USKSF 2006 "fighter of the year". Other Fighter students include Hyland Harris, Vincent Sobers, and Steve James have fought full contact as well.




  Sam Masich                        Clarence Burris III                          Nick Scrima             Anthony Goh        

Sam Masich-Sam has a long list of contributions to IMA as a disciple of Liang Shouyu and Yang Jwing Ming. He competed and has been grand champion in many IMA competitions and co-authored many of the Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan videos and books with Master Liang Shouyu and has been on the receiving end of many masters demonstrations.Sam Masich fighting in tournament


Ian Sinclair- Ian is a push hands competitor and also hosts the world database on Tai Chi instructors around the world. Ian explores and teaches all aspects of Tai chi chuan including combat, shuai chiao, Qi-Na and other combative aspects in his Yoube. here you can see him working techniques on a volunteer at a MMA expo:


Derek Cheng is a champion level San Shou fighter in 2001 and San Shou  instructor and former Head Coach of the Canadian San Shou team. Member of Liang Shou-Yu school in Vancouver Canada.


Clarence Burris III- Sifu Clarence teaches Tien Shan Pai and Tai Chi in Northern Virginia.  He is 1992 NASKA Virginia State Heavy Weight Champion, and in 1993 Selected  U. S. full contact Sanshou Team, World Championships in Malaysia.

Nick Scrima- Nick has been a director of IMAC International martial arts tournament, he has produced many San shou fighters and he teaches Mizong Lohan along with Neijiaquan.

Anthony Goh- President of USAWKF for many years, he was known to have done San Shou in Malaysia. He has held san Shou events and has a San Shou team who have fought in numerous events in America.



         Alex Shpigel        Mario Mancini                Neil Rosiak                  David Chin and Chris Heinzman



           Hsing-i Team (Mario, Mike, Alex)                         Steve Cotter                     Jake Burroughs

Neil Rosiak- Dan Doctery student who fought in Vale Tudo in the early years when MMA was developing, and is trainer for fighters Sami Berrick and Richard Lewis at the Masters Club in London. Video link

David Chin- is a student of Kou Lien Ying and Tibetan Hop Gar practitioner. He challenged many Chinese martial artist in the old school way to test his skills gaining respect from many Chinese Martial Arts teachers. Hop Gar sifu Ng Yim Ming, and Fut Ga/Village Hung stylist Mar Sik. Inherited both the Hop Ga and Tai Chi systems and teaches both. San Francisco accounts say that when he was training he would test his stuff out against all kinds of fighters in order to make things work.

Chris Heintzman- won the full contact San Shou fighting at the 2004 Taiji Legacy Tournament in Dallas, Tx. He is a student of David Chin in Tibetan Hop Gar and Guang Ping Tai Chi. Pro MMA fighter. He now has a MMA gym in North Carolina called White Lion Kung Fu Chinese Mixed Martial Arts.

Jake Burroughs- is student of Tim Cartmell who has written articles on Sun Taijiquan and martial arts for Journals and magazines. Jake actively competes in BJJ and Grappling events.

Sam F.S. Chin - learned I-Liq Chuan from his father Chin Lik-Keong and is the current inheritor of the art. Sifu Chin established a systematized curriculum for teaching ILC and teaches his family art to many students in the U.S. and internationally. He won the 1978 Malaysia Selangor heavyweight kickboxing champioship. He was also recognized by the USA Wushu Kung-Fu Federation as a Hall of Fame Outstanding Master.

Ashe Higgs- I Liq quan: won Heavy weight divison in San Shou and Lei tai events in USA. Heis a student of Sam F.S. Chin.

Daria "Dasha" Sergeeva of Russia. An international level instructor, Dasha is a testament to the clearly defined curriculum of I Liq Chuan. As a student of (only) I Liq Chuan, Dasha has secured numerous push hands titles for herself, as well as Moscow City San Da Champion and WTKA Womens Thai Boxing Champion.


 Sam F.S. Chin                       Wilson Pitts                    Ashe Higgs (left)                                  Ian Sinclair at

Gurjok K. Singh- Teaches fighters a combination of Tai Chi pugilism, Boxing, and Muay Thai. Mr.Singh is a Retired Army Ranger and owner of Angels Gym that trains regional and state, mens and women, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and Grappling IKF and NAGA champions. He is also a book author, "The Art of Western Tai Chi".Angel's gym Youtube


Loretta Wollering hosts several Tai Chi events including the Tai Chi Gala and the Chang San Feng festival. She competed in Lei Tai in 2007 having trained with Dr. Gary Torres and with 5X Lei Tai Champion Patrick Brady.


Wilson Pitts   influenced by Boxing,  Robert W. Smith, and  TCM with Dr. Amy Tseng in Richmond Virginia, he emphasized combat usage in Neijia arts of Tai Chi, Bagua, and Hsingyi. He trained several fighters including acupuncturist Celeste Wray and Jamar, for Lei Tai and San Shou using boxing principles and study from his experience at Joe Fraiser's Cloverlay Gym in North Philly in the 1970's. Wilson Pitts Boxing Blog Wilson also teaches in New York city and collaborates with Internal arts, Capoeria, and martial artist:

 Roberto Sharpe.

Wilson Pitts training Lei Tai fighter Celeste Wray:




Roberto Sharpe







                  Loretta Wollering                       Scott Rodell        Novell Bell                Eric Sbarge            Robert Beaver

Blacktaoist and infamous NYC bad boys Novell Bell  fought and won in a San Shou USA vs. China event in NYC.  Maoshan, Rudy Curry- some have fought in fight events and street. Novell Bellis directorof MUSU "Man Up Stand Up" Traditional fight event. there have been several Hsingyi and Bagua fighters in this event: YIGIT DOGAN. The youtube channel: MUSU youtube. Novell Bell was also a coach on BET's the "Iron Ring" as Dipset's fight coach. Iron Ring event.

Scott Rodell learned San Shou mainly from Master William CC Chen and Wang Yen-Nien. He keeps his students active in combat training. Student Matt Rosecan entered Lei Tai fight events.

Eric Sbarge and Peaceful Dragon Lei Tai team with

Natalia Hill, Robert Beaver, Carrie Chun and others is based in North Carolina. They are from Chang Tung Sheng's branch of Shuai Chiao and Internal gong fu: Taiji, Pakua, and Hsingyi.




IMA Tournaments, Historical Events, and World Wide Gatherings


Important Events, Places, and Tournaments


World TaiChi Day

Chang San Feng Festival: Tai Chi Farm, Tai Chi Gala, and Jou Tsung Hwa. Legends: Chang San Feng, 8 Immortals, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Chuang Tze.

Tao of Yiquan: Wang Xiang Zhai

A Taste of China All Taijiquan Championships

Tai Chi Magazine

The Pa-Kua Journal

IWuF- International Wushu and San Shou Federation

Pan-Am Games, Asian Pacific Games, European Games

Tournament Organizations: Worlds and Nationals:

USAWKF (Mainland China),

U.S. Koushu Federations (Taiwan R.O.C)

Chin Woo/Jing Wu-: Hua Yuan Jia

Buddhist: BodhiDharma and the Shaolin Temple

Chenjiaoguo- The Chen village: Chen Family Taijiquan

Taipei: Lei Tai fighting and Competition Push hands competitions in Taiwan- Article




Yongnian County and Guang Ping prefecture- home of Yang Lu Chan and Wu Yu Xiang. Tai Chi had developed some here.

Taoist: Wudang Temple, Mount Hua Shan, Ermei/Omei, Mt. Tai Shan.

1928  Central Martial Arts Kou Shu Academy : Lei Tai fights and public form training.

1936 Olympics: Chinese Delegation Demo in Berlin Germany. Delegation  member: Fu Shu-Yun

2008 Olympics in Beijng China-Epic Opening to 2008 Olympics with Chinese kung fu and Tai Chi.

Anniversary of Organizations including:

Yongnian Association,

Yang Family,

Wu Family,

Sun Family

Cheng Man Ching's Daughter, and his Shr Jung School Taiwan Huang Branch in Malaysia etc.

Chen Family

Taiwan R.O.C. vs. Mainland China. Other: Chinese Martial arts in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Etc. Early development world Wide in cities with "China towns": San Francisco Chinatown, New York Chinatown, Los Angeles Chinatown, Canada, Hawaii, U.K. Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Shanghai schools- Shanghai Jing Wu, and more.

Beijing Wushu Shi Chai Hai- Various Officials and Judges of Tournaments

Push Hands Gatherings: Push hands gathering website hereWashington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, .

Tian Shan Pai: Wang Jyue Jen, Willy Lin, Tony Lin, C.C. Liu, Chien-Liang Huang, Joe DunphyDennis Brown, Sean Marshall.

NASKA: National Sport Karate: US Capitol Classics: Dennis Brown.



Other Significant Chinese Martial Artist

Other Historical Masters Non-Internal


Some of these masters have a connection to the internal arts, some are just historical figures with extensive fight background.


  Hou  Yuan Jia                 Wong Fei Hung                  Yim Wing Chun            Yip Man                    Bruce Lee   


Huo Yuan Jia (1869-1910) - Jing Wu schools legendary founder who was known to fight on the Lei Tai platform and was very famous. He was said to have been poisoned by an enemy.

Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924)famous Hung boxing master known to have fought many challengers, also a famous doctorof chinese medicine.

Yim Wing Chun- legendary founder of Wing Chun.

Yip Man (1893-1972)-Legendary teacher of many Wing Chun fighters in Hong Kong including the famous Bruce Lee. Yip Man's students also include his sons and nephew:



Yip Chung                       Yip Ching              Lo Man Kam              Wong Shen Leung              Chu Shong Ting


      Duncan Leung                    Hawkins Cheng          William Cheng      Moy Yat                  Leung Ting


Yip Chung and Yip Ching, : Yip Man's sons carrying on the art Hong Kong China.

Lo Man Kam nephew in Taiwan, police special forces teacher.

Other Yip Man disciples:

Wong Shen Leung- 'King of Talking Hands'

Leung Ting, - in Europe

William Cheng, - Australia

Duncan Leung, - USA- Virginia

Moy Yat, New York city.

Leung Sheng and Lok Yiu,

Chu Shong Ting-'King of Siu Nim Tao',

 Wong Kiu

 Hawkins Cheng,

 and several more not listed.

Bruce Lee (1940-1973)- Hollywood actor more famous as a Wing Chun man, but learned Wu Tai Chi from father in Hong Kong and later incorporated water philosophy in his Jeet Kun Do. Bruce Lee is considered one of the Fathers of modern  MMA.


Wang Ziping- famous Chinese Muslim martial artist and strong man. He was a teacher of Chaquan, Huaquan, Tan tui, Ba Ji, Taijiquan and other martial arts. His daughter is Wang Ju Rong who married his student and TCM doctor, Dr. Chengde Wu.




Madame Wang Ju Rong and Dr. Wu              Shawn Liu                       Tat Mau-Wong              Tai Yim


       Chan Pui                              Doc Fei-Wong

Madame Wang Jurong and Dr. Chengde Wu- she is daughter of Wang Ziping having an important role in the development of Wushu culture in Mainland China and USA, she was a top scholar and Judge of Longfist, and Taijiquan in China and Pan-America. Influential in the development of competitions in the USA: some of her influential students have been Coach Weiqi He, Coach Zhou Jianhua, Coach Jeff Bolt, Coach Nick Gracenin, Coach Pat Rice (A Taste of China All Taijiquan Championships director) and survived by husband Chende Wu (student of Wang Ziping) and daughters who now teach: Helen Wu, Lucy Wu, and Grace Wu.


Shawn Liu is also important figure from Mainland China who studied both Shaolin, Wushu,  Taijiquan, and was former US director of San Shou in the United States. He has fought San Shou in Mainland China.


Chan Pui- is a Praying Mantis boxer who opened the Wah Lam temple in the west. His daughter Mimi Chan a champion competitor was the model for Disney's "Mulan". His fight team regularly show up in full contact events such as Koushu Lei Tai.


Tat Mau Wong- was indeed a full contact fighter - he did very well in Hong Kong and S.E. Asia tournaments - even against Thai Boxers.


Doc Fei-Wong- a Choy lee fut instructor in the San Francisco area was known to compete in tournaments and some of his fights are documented on his website. He is also a Yang Tai Chi teacher. click on link to read about his fights.


Tai Yim- originally from Hong Kong, he has trained San Shou fighters in the DC area in many fight events with Hung Fut boxing.

Lorne Bernard is a White Crane Kung Fu instructor in Montreal Canada who has trained several full contact fighters in Lei Tai fighting. His fighter Etienne Metayer has fought and won Gold in 2008, Silver in 2007 and 2009.



Etienne Metayer and Lorne Bernard

Sifu Lyndon a Wing chun fighter in Amsterdam Holland is a full contact fighter. he fought in an International event with Holland vs Romania. Here is KO's a Romanian fighter.