Self Defense and Reality Fighting

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Self defense is very important these days especailly after 9/11. In all, there are many fighting arts from around the world to be aware of- Brazilian Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Boxing, Kung fu, Wrestling, Filipino arts, Thai kickboxing, Street fighting, Sambo, Krav Maga, just to name a few have become widely accepted ways of fight training. It's important to know these arts stylistic distinctions and be able to know the strengths and weakness. Most important in the fighting arts is body conditioning. Weight training, diet, rest, cardio, mechanics are just as important than speed and technique. We have all seen fighters get tired because of low stamina and endurance. To be continued with short clip video


Glossary- Kung fu, MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Judo and more
Classical Boxing
NEW 2009! Advanced Boxing drills
Muay Thai/BJJ/MMA training 2005
Boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing notes 2006
San Shou Basics
2009 Sanda/San Shou Basics Level 1
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Pakuachang training
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Tai Chi Body Conditioning
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Other Video Samples

Lei Tai full Contact
San Shou competition
San Shou competition

Sample of workout...more in Thai boxing notes

the usual body conditioning hell- running, bear crawls, push ups, judo push ups, more bear crawls, more running, crunches, chery pickers, v-ups, running high knees, running butt kicks, karoke running, side stepping inside/outside, bicycles, reverse bicycles, jump step/back step jabs, jump step jab-cross-uppercut -cross combo, running more.bunny hops, burpies.

partner: 3 and 3
1. crazy monkey (CM) block jab- return with jab-cross-jab-cross step away and move.
2. CM opponets attack- enter (eye of storm)- clinch knees (4) push- jab cross, right kick.
3. from opponets wide right- clinch into body- behind the neck knees- left and right hook.

100 kicks- front, round, rt. round and then left round, dowble round, switch stance round, round to thigh level, waist level, head level...ect.

more body conditioning hell- burpies, push ups, mt. climbers, planks, burpies, push ups, planks, horse stance 180 jumps.
More hardcore body conditioning- running, bear crawls, abs from hell- full 30 min. of the usual sets

some of the partner combos we worked-
1. 4 point coverage for jab,cross, lowbody hook rt. and rt. hook, left body shot and left hook, circle opponent
2. absorb opp. jab and return with jab cross jab cross
3. high jab,low jab, high jab and hard cross.
4. CM shield jab cross and return with jab-cross, upper cut , cross
5.Leap frog technique-parry down opp. jab and return withinstantaneous cross, jab, cross

Circle of Death drill- move left, move right, level change, 1= 2 or3jabs, 2= jab and low cross. 3= jab cross, uppercut, 4= jab cross uppercut cross,others- CM defend, hooks, upper cuts, defend body hooks

fine points- use rolling with punch when doing crazy monkey shield. occupy center, be able to see and read punches when hands up and cover sides of head, dont block front vision.

2 sets of-
running, bear crawls, t- pushups, push ups, bear crawls backwards, high knees, butt kicks, side running, karokees
AB's- 2 sets of-
cherry pickers, v-ups, ankle grabs, sit ups, crunches, planks
...more running sets ect. add lunges, horse stance dips, bunny hops

circle of death drill
level change drill
upper cuts drill
hook punch drill
forward back punching with jab cross

partner combos- (gloves and shin guards using conditioning kicks and punches on partner)
1. block kick, switch stance kick to inner thigh- cross and hook, rt. kick
2. step back to avoid kick, return with rt. jab kcik, left kick to inner thigh, cross/left chop down (head control) left kick.
a. k-block  push opp. kick to outside and  return w/ rt. kick
b. k block and push down and kick opp.
c. k block and sweep opponet kick them at backside
4. kick catch- knee opp. leg w.rt. knee, (control opp head/shoulder) throw leg and 2 rt. kick to back of opp. leg
5. kick catch, rt. knee to opp. leg, change catch leg and 360 elbow, throw leg and 2 kicks to opponent.

body conditioning- 3 rounds of...
twist squats- 180 degree horse stanc jumping
push ups,
hindu push ups

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