Recommended Teachers, Websites, Suggested Readings

Pentagon MMA, Arlington Virginia Vivek Nakarmi is multi-time champion on various World kickboxing association amateur events. This is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) including classes in Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo.

Dave Carter- Muay Thai,BJJ,Filipino, boxing is a coach at the Novamma school Dave Carter- champion fighter-coach: MMA, Thai boxing, Submission grappling.

Khemeran Ing- Crossfit, Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing is a coach at Mainstreet Crossfit

Chinese Martial Arts Institute (CMAI) - Fairfax VA-703.204.0040 email: Sifu Clarence Burris, his school teaches traditional Tien Shen Pai and is hosting Beijing wushu Team member Li Ying. Sifu Burris has competed in forms, weapons, and Full contact fighting, representing the USA in Asia. Hosts seminars with various masters- Willy Lin and Tony Lin, Taiji master Zhu Tien Cai, Beijing Team: Li Jing, Qui Dong Xing, and Jiang Ban Jun.

United States Wushu Academy United States Wushu Academy-Falls Church Va.- The taijiquan program is run by Christopher Pei who has been a Yang stylist and Chen stylist for several decades now. Chris has ben interpreter for Grandmasters Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Dou, and Chen Zhen Lei. If you want to learn the classical Yang or Chen Xin Ja (new routine) His wife Zhang Guifeng is a former member of the Beijing wushu team and has been USA team coach. They also have regular sanda sparring- learn the punches, kicks, grapple, throws, and rules of san shou and lei tai.

Sifu Weiqi He from Shanghai (currently Seattle, Washington), Weiqi and her husband Xu Jenheng taught Longfist, Taijiquan, and Koulin qigong to the community. Weiqi was a disciple of famous Taijiquan Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen (Founder Yongnian Taiji Association), Fu was a top disciple of Yang Chen Fu. Weiqi also trained with Shaolin Master Cai Hong Xiang, Head Deputy of Shanghai police force. In Mainland China, she coached a childrens' wushu team that was undefeated in 5 years. She was a member of a Chinese delegation to demonstrate kung fu to the White House in the 1970's. Her teachings have a big impact on me. She can be reached at

Nick Gracenin in Bethesda Maryland Nick is a highly accomplished teacher: 8th Degree Black Belt - International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association 2008, Executive Board of the International Wushu Federation 1995-1999, Certificate - International Wushu Coaches Training Course Beijing, China 2000, Diploma - International Wushu Federation Beijing, China 1999, Certificate - International Judges Training Course in Hangzhou, China 1987

Sifu Zhou Jianhua "Joe" from Shanghai to Richmond Va- Zhou is one of two people to receive a Masters degree from 9th Duan Grandmaster Cai Longyun who fought boxing in China in the 1940's. Zhou teaches an amazing amount of basics and forms for Longfist, Taijiquan, Xinyi, and weapons. Zhou is well versed in applications, qi-na, and san shou combat.

Park Bok Nam Great jibengong (basics), stretching, stances, qigong, meditation, palm striking, footwork, etc. Pakuachang Richmond Va. He is probably my favorite pakua teacher since he specializes in Pakuachang only, he makes you learn 'slow and exact' with deep emphasis on basics to power generation.

George Wood's Baguazhang Site George Wood teaches Yizong Baguazhang. He spent over 7 years in Taipei Taiwan studying the vast combat techniques and methods of Baguazhang under Master Luo Dexiu. George's cirriculum of martial arts is very complete and highly recommended here.Other site for Zongwumen Other Baguazhang Site

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman David is a push hands expert and competitor, has won championships and is a great doctor of Chiropractic. He is a disciple of Ben Lo. Other Chiropractic Site

Dr. Kenneth Fish Chiropractic Dr. Kenneth Fish is a long time practitioner and teacher of Hsingyi, Tong Bei, Wing Chun, Boxing, and Taijiquan among other rare styles and qigong. He lived in Taiwan and was able to learn at a young age from Zhang Zhunfeng, a Grandmaster of Hsingyi and Pakua. He is a doctor of Chiropractic and hosted seminars for Masters including Yang Hai, Xiaolin Liu, and Li Tai Liang. Ken can be reached at

Scott Rodell- Great River Taoist and 7 Star Publishing Scott is able to research with many teachers of taijiquan including Wang Yen Nian of the Michuan Yangjia Taijiquan. He wrote a book with his research- "Chinese Swordsmanship- the Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition."

Omei Wushu School Omei Wushu (Lu Xiao Ling)Fairfax Va.- or 703.560.1900. This is a modern and traditional wushu school. Lu Xiao Ling teaches international compulsory routines, modern taijiquan and traditional kung fu. Xingyiquan and Bagauzhang, she is student of Wang Shu Tien of Chengdu China.. She is a member of USAWKF and the IWuF international wushu federations, and has been USA Wushu team coach several times.

Qi Elements School of Shaolin, Tai Chi, and Massage.703.435.4400. Yang Taijiquan, Qigong, Shaolin. Yang Taiji is from Sifu Nancy Bloomfield (C.C. Lui and Yang Zhen Dou). Roger Blough is also a certified student of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

Sacred Peaks Taoist martial arts Wilson Pitts (Richmond Va.Downtown area). Wilson teaches a wide range of all aspects of Internal Martial arts- healing, combat, form, and function. Tai chi chuan, Pakua Chang, and Hsingyi Chuan.

Warren Conner Warren is long time student of Robert Smith and has a large free class in the park in Mclean Va, he is a Cheng Man Ching Taijiquan practitioner in Washington D.C..

Daniel Pfister Daniel is a Cheng Man Ching Taijiquan practitioner in Washington D.C. He studied with Mr. Lui, (one of Cheng Man Ching's top students) in Taiwan for 5 years.

Wudang Longmen- Master Lui Wudang Longmen- Master Lui Lui Xiao Ling is of the Wudang Longmen linage from Shanghai, China. Sifu Liu teaches Lu Hei Ba Fa (water boxing) Wudang, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan Shaolin, Many weapons and a host of other Chinese Martial Arts. Sifu Liu has his own school, Wudang Martial Arts. He is the head of the Wudang Longmen in the USA. The Wudang Longmen descend from Xu Ben-Shan (famous Taoist Priest from Wudang Mountain). Sifu Liu is a 18th Generation Wudang Longmen (Dragon Gate) master of extraordinary skill. Currently, Sifu Liu has numerous Wudang Longmen Disciples students in China and 15 American Wudang Longmen Disciples. Sifu Liu began his studies at 16 and has over 40 years of experience . His school is located in Takoma Park, Maryland. You can reach it at .

Paul Ramos- Wu Shen TaoWu Shen Tao-Paul Ramos Paul Ramos is a disciple of Sifu Liu. Sifu Ramos was the first American disciple for the Wudang Longmen and Sifu Liu. His School is also located in Takoma Park, Maryland. He can be reached at and you may view his website at

Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (Yang Jian Hou) Dancing Mountain Tai Chi and Taoist Arts- Mike Basvandanos at 301-565-3320 in Gaithersburg MD. Mike is a long time senior student of Wang Yien Nian

US Chinese Wushu Gold Eagle Wushu Kung Fu center- Anji Zhang. 13917 Grey Colt Dr. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 (240) 888-3641. Sifu Zhang is now teaching in Maryland at the Robert Frost Middle School. Golden Eagle Wushu center- Zhang Anji- 301-340-2799

Chang Jen Chang Chung Jen Chang is well versed in Cheng Man Ching�s 37 Yang Short Form and Traditional Chen Taiji, Sword, and Push Hands. He designed a stretching and flexibility program called 'Taiji Song Shen Fa' to help improve on joint and muscle flexibility based on classical chinese stretches. Chung Jen Chang- Bowie, Maryland. contact Roy Fume at 202.746.0934

David Chen- Cheng Man Ching's TaijiquanDavid Chen- Rockville Maryland. email: David is a long time Cheng Man Ching taiji instructor who travels alot to research taijiquan and studies with teachers like Ben Lo. Julian Chu teaches in Fairfax at Nova Annandale. Julian teaches Yang short form, push hands, broadsword, straight sword, and staff.

Chen Taiji- Stephan Berwick website Stephan Berwick-Chen Taijiquan in Arlington Va.- Stephan is a good Chen taiji traditionalist to know. He has written books and magazine articles for many years now. He is a disciple of Ren Guanyi and Chen Xiao Wong.

Chen Taiji- Stephan Berwick @ Jow Ga

Chen Taijiquan-CP Ong CP Ong- Potomac Maryland-Chen Taiji C.P. Ong hosts chen taiji grandmasters and experts from around the world. In particular Chen Zhenlei, Chen Xiao Wong, and Zhu Tiencai come annually to Norhtern Virginia.

Richmond and Virginia Beach

Richmond Wushu-VCU Zhou Jianhua

Acupuncture-John Kang John Kang-VCU area and another Richmond Va. Wing Chun Accupunture and Wing Chun specialist:

John and Pat Shear hosts of Dr. Li Li of Shanghai- Wu Taijiquan and Richmond TM (Transcendental Meditation)- 703.285.7122

Wing Chun in Virginia Beach - Master Duncan Leung

Jow Ga in Virginia Beach - Master Hoy Lee

Jow Ga in Southside Richmond

Tidewater Tai Chi Center in Virginia Beach/Norfolk is hosted by several of Larry Mann's senior students: Don Davis, Michael Ingersol, Jeff Karako. They teach the 37 Yang Short form, Straight sword and push hands.

Links to other great sites on the net

Andrea Falk- (the site formerly known as .ca). Andrea Falk's
site of translations on the Chinese internal styles of bagua and xingyi.


A Taste of China All Taijiquan- Pat Rice
Hsing-i: Mike Patterson Internal arts website
Yang Zhen Dou and Yang Jun of Yang Family Taijiquan
Fu Sheng Yuan's Authenic Yang Tai Chi Chuan
Peter Lim's Taijiquan website (Excellent!!)
United States Koushu Federation
United States Wushu Kungfu Federation Wushu

World Taijiquan Directory
Lee Scheele's Tai Chi Chuan links
Dr.Yang Jwing-Ming's YMAA website
Brent Wagland Yang Taiji (Fu Zhong Wen) in Australia
William CC Chen's (Cheng Man Ching)website
Tung Kai Ying- Yang Taijiquan website Taiji website
Yangjia Michuan lineage Yang style website: Zhang Qilin/Wang Yen Nian
Ren Guang Yi's Chen Taijiquan website
Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang Taijiquan website
Houston Chen taijiquan website
Yang Yang's Chen taijiquan Resource website
Fu Zheng Song/Liang Qiang-Ya Wudang taijiquan website
Raffi's Wushu page
Andrew Smeltz PA Taiji- Fu Taiji- Jose Johnson and Nick Gracenin
Ted Knect's Yongnian Taijiquan page
Nick Scrima's Wugong Wushu website
Jareks "China From Inside"
Chin Woo UK website
Rum Soaked Fist- former Emptyflower forum of David Deveer

Book Suggestions

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan- by Fu Zhong Wen

Tao of Yiquan

"The complete Illustrated guide to Chinese Medicine" by Dr. Tom Williams

"Tao: the subtle universal law and intergral way of life" by Taoist master Ni Hua-Ching

"Wushu Standard Course" by the Wushu Research Institude

"Sources of Chinese Tradition" by DeBary/Chan

"Tao of Tai Chi Chuan" and "Tao of Meditation" by Jou Tsung Hwa

"Scholar Warrior" by Deng Ming Dao

"Science of Being and Art of Living, Transcendental Meditation" by Maharishi Mehesh Yogi

"Tai chi boxing chronicles" by Kou/gutterman

Xingyiquan- study of mind boxing" by Sun Lu tang -high view publishing

"Yang style taijiquan" by Yang Zhen Duo.

"Chen style taijiquan" compiled by Zhouhua publishing with Feng Zhiqiang, Gu Liuxin and Chen Xiaowang

"Wu style taijiquan" by Wang Peishang and Zeng Weiqi

"Sexual Secrets- Alchemy of ecstacy"" by Douglas/Slinger

"Tao of Sexology" and "The Integral Management of Tao" by Dr. Stephen Chang

"Fundamentals of Pakuachang I and II" by Park Bok Nam and Dan Miller

"Tai Chi the supreme Ultimate art" by Cheng Man Ching and Robert Smith

"Chronicals of Tao" by Ding Ming Dao

"International Wushu Competiton Routines" by Xie Shoede

"Competition Routines of the Four styles of Taijiquan" by Xie Shode.

"Wonderments of the Natural Mind" by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

"Heartdrops of Dharmakaya" by Lopon Tenzin Namdak

Books by the Yangs Martial Arts Academy Publishing by Liang Shouyu and Dr. Yang Jing Ming- "Advanced Tai Chi Chuan," "Hsingyi chuan," "Baguazhang," "24 and 48 Tai Chi," "Qigong Empowerment," "Shuai jow, Chinese fast wrestling."

"Pakuachang: Eight Diagram Palm" and "Hsingyi" by Alan Pittman

"Yang style secret transmission" and " Tai chi Classics of the late ching dynasty" by Douglas Wile

"The web that has no weaver-Undertanding chinese Medcine." Ted Kaptechuk

Chen taijiquan: source of taiji boxing"-davidine Siaw-Voon Sim and David Gaffney

"I-ching: Book of changes and the unchanging truth."-Ni Hua Ching

"A Practical English-chinese Library of Traditional Chinese medicine" Publishing House of the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Series of 12 encylopedias:


1."Basic Theory of TCM 1"

2."Basic Theory of TCM 2"

3."Diagnostics of TCM"

4. "The Chinese Materia Medica"

5. "Prescriptions of TCM"

6. "Clinic of TCM 1"

7. "Clinic of TCM 2"

8. "Health Preservation and Rehabilitation"

9. "Chinese Accupunture and Moxibustion"

10. "Chinese Massage"

11. "Chinese Medicated Diet"

12. "Chinese Qigong"