Aromatic Mind Awakening Qigong (AMAQ) is a buddhist qigong that is very popular in P.R. China that is practiced in the parks to audio tapes for the elderly and retired folk. It is comprised of three sets, each one getting more motions involved. The exercises use arm motions to awaken the heart, blood,and vessels that runs to the palms. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) mind (ee) has its roots in the heart (Hsin). Thus stimulating the heart through exercise can awaken the mind. The Aromatic part of the exercise has to do with the activation of the kidneys, and adrenal glands which secret endorphins (jing qi). These endorphins circulate evenly through the body can make a flowery scent to the tips of your fingers. This phenomenon has happened in people who practice the AMAQ everyday as a discipline.

Set 1

all exercises done 36X in a fast rhythm

Prepatory - Expanding and contracting the qi ball

1. Golden Dragon Wagging Tail- palms together move left and right 45 degrees.

2. Jade Pheonix Nodding Head- Palms together move up and down from heart to abdomen.

3. Chinese 8 drifting fragrence- palm move down to sides and back up

4. Playing a String Instrument- hands up fingers point to front, separate hands horizontally and back

5. Pair of monk bowls separated- repeat #4 but with palms up

6. Lotus Leaves Sway in Wind- hands face each other, alternate left and right 45 degrees

7. Turn Universe Left- palms face each other turn in verticle ellipse

8. Turn Universe Right- Reverse direction

9. Rowing across the Sea- hollow fist move as if rowing

10. Buddhist wheel turns Constantly- right hand above left make circles

11. Rowing Bodhidharma- Change hand and reverse circle from previous

12. Forcing Wind both sides of Ears- circle arms pushing wind into ears.

13. Golden Light- making hands like duck bills, bring hand up eyes and down to abdomen.

14. Swaying both hands crossed together- hands in front of dan tien move left nad right 45 degrees

15. Palms together- stand for three minute, if high blood pressure hold lower than heart.

Finish with rub hands, face, arms, legs.

Set 2

Hip swinging set

1. swing hips with palms facing front

2. Pushing arms to force qi- push left and right hands while swaying hips

3. Remove something with hands- act like moving boxes left and rt.

4. Sketching a gourd with both hands- drawing hands back and to front. To be continued?#060;/p>