Eight section Qigong is one of the most effective longevity Qigong and has been handed down for thousand years in China. It is easy to understand and has significant efficacy for enhancing health, stimulating internal organs, improving meridian circulation, and strengthening ligaments, tendons and bones. Regular practice of this Qigong can prevent illness by enhancing body conditioning and promotes longevity.

Section one: Holding Heaven and Adjusting the Internal Organs (Shuan Shao Tuo Tian Li Shan 3iao,)

1. Stand naturally, feet are shoulder width, arms drop to the sides of the body, straight neck, tongue touches the roof of the mouth. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth for two minutes.

2. Bend the arms slightly, move hands to Dantian, cross fingers and turn the palms upward.

3. Following your inhale, move the palms up through the Ren Mai slowly. Turn the arms when reaching the chest and palms upward. Straighten the elbow like holding up heaven and look on the back of the palms.

4. Following your exhale, drop arms slowly, turn head left, watch the left arm to Dantian and cross the fingers.

5. Same with 2,3 and 4 but watch the right side and repeat for 8 times.

Sectioutwo: Opening the Bow Left and Right Like Shooting An Eagle (Zu?You Kai Gong Shi She Diao,)

1. Following the above, move left foot haifa step left and slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend the elbow and cross the fingers on the lower abdomen with your left hand inside and right hand outside. Exhaling, lift the hands to the middle of the chest (Tan Zhong Xue,). Left hand holding fist and open thumb and index as a Chinese character of. Also hold the right fist and open the index like a hook to the right side. The arms like open a bow shooting at a eagle. Bend knees and stand in a horse stance, turn the head to left side and watch your left fingers.

2. Exhaling, stretch your right hand. Open palms and drop down to the front of abdomen with right hand inside and left outside. Watch the right hand and straighten the knees sLowly, then look forward.

3. Repeat the I and 2 left and right for eight times.

Section three: Holding Up Arms and Adjusting Spleen and Stomach (Diao Li Pi Wel Bi Dan Ju, )

1. Following the last one, hold the ball with your inhale, right hand above left one with a distance of about 20-30 cm.

2. With your inhale lift left palm along with the middle line of the body. Turn over the palm when above your head and straighten your elbows. Right hand pushes the right side of the hip; watch the left hand.

3. With your exhale, move the arms in opposite directions and hold a ball on your stomach.

4. Repeat the second one working in the opposite direction; repeat for eight times.

Section four: Watch Behind Healing Many Hurts (Wu Lao Qi Shang Xiang Hou Qiao,)

1. Continuing from the last one, with your inhale lift your right hand and put the right palm on the back of the head. Index or middle finger presses on the Feng Chi Xue() Left hand lifts to the back with palm press on Ming Men Xue (). Right hand helps the head turn to left side and look backward.

2. With your exhale, drop your hands to a natural position and look to the front.

3. Same as 1. only reverse direction and repeat left and right side eight times.

Section five: Get Power by Watching and Punching in Profusion (Zan Quan Nu Mu Zeng Li Qi, )

1. Continuing from above, take a half step to the left, slightly wider than shoulder width and bend knees to form horse stance. Hold your fists on waist sides and look straight ahead.

2. Punch left fist from the waist slowly but powerfully, high with shoulder and use mind to think power penetrating to the face of the fist. Simultaneously, right fist pulls back. Exhale with mouth and with Qi to push the power. Open your eyes as wide as possible and watch on the left fist. Inhaling, withdraw the your fist back to the original position.

3. Punch with your right fist. All the requirements are same with the left side only in opposite direction.

4. Left fist punches slowly with power to the left side. Use your mind to push the power to the face of the fist. At the same time, your right elbow pulls back. With the punch, exhale through your mouth and with the Qi to stimulate the power and open your eyes as wide as you can to watch the left fist. Inhaling, draw the left fist back to the original position and look straight ahead.

5. Right fist punch to the right side. All the requirements are same with the left side except the direction is opposite. Repeat eight times, left and right.

Section six: Hands Holding Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys (Shuang shou Pan Zu Gu Yao Shen,)

1. Continuing from above, stand with feet at shoulder width and drop arms naturally on the side of the body. Inhaling, lift your arms up, stretch your back and head slightly; look at the hands.

2. Exhaling, drop the hands and bend the waist forward. Touch the toes with your fingers, keep your knees straight.

3. Move hands on the outside of the feet to the heel. Inhaling, straighten the back and move the palms up the back of the legs to the waist and press on the Shen Shu Xue. () Eyes are looking forward.

4. Exhaling, drop the hands naturally with palms touching the side of thighs. Repeat the same movements eight times.

Section seven: Turn Head and Tail Bone to Extinguish Heart Fire (Yao Tou Bai Wel Ju Xin Huo,)

1. Continuing from above, left foot step left with the step slightly wider than shoulder. Bend knees to hold on a horse stance. Palms rest on the knees and eyes look forward.

2. Inhaling, turn the head to left. Your hips turns to right at the same time; move the weight center to the right foot and straighten the left knee. With the turning of the waist, your arms also turn towards left. Put your left palm on your tailbone and your right palm on your left knee.

3. Same as #2 but reverse directions. Repeat eight times.

Section eight: (Bei Hou ii Dian Bai Bing Xiao,)

1. Continuing from the above, step left foot to shoulder width. Arms drop naturally. Inhaling, with palms upward, lift your arms to the highest position. Lift heels and watch the palms.

2. Exhaling, your palm drop to your abdomen and then move back to the sides of your thighs. Heels turn down lightly to the ground and slightly bend your knees, eyes looking downward. Repeat seven times.

3. Let knees straighten and arms drop naturally. Slightly close eyes and do reverse breathing for 3-5 times.