8 Extraordinary Qi Channels


-Serve as reservoirs of Qi while the 12 organ meridians are like Rivers.

-Serve as Qi reservoirs to the 12 organs meridians along with blood, Ying Qi, Wei qi, Jing Qi, and blood.

- Guard against 'Evil Qi' or pathogens.

- Regulate changes in life style.

- Redirect and Circulate Jing Qi (Essence or Reproductive energy- men: sperm, Women: ovaries)inwards to entire body, organs, skin and hair. including Ancestral organs of- brain, spine, bone marrow, and blood.

1. Governor Channel Du mai- (Up tailbone to spine and head) "Sea of Yang meridians"

- protects the back

- guardian qi (from food and air)

-nourishes Ancestral organs

- Nei Dan- Microcosmic Orbit Circulation

2. Conception Channel Ren Mai- "Sea of Yin" (Down along front of body)

-Qi circulation

-Yin Channels and Stomach

-Connected to Thrusting and Yin channels

-Brings Blood and Jing to head

-Disperses Fluids

-good to increase qi and store 4 yin channels.

3. Thrusting Channel- Chong Mei (Central Channel)

- supports conception channel

-helps regulate Kidney Qi

-Huiyin (Co-1) and Yin jiao (co-7)are yin and yang qi transfer points and where original qi and food and air qi mix.

-Thrusting supports 11 Kidney meridian cavities combining Yuan Jing and Yuan Qi the essence and original Qi.

-Nourished Spine and Brain

-Supports the 3 paths for muscels and tendons, Kan and Li 9fire and water elements) and bone marrow.


4. Belt Channel- Dai Mei (Around Waist at Dan tien and Ming Men)

-regulates gall bladder

-developes waist strength

5. Yang Heel channel- Yangqiao Mai (Outside leg)

-supports Yang channels of bladder, gall blader, small instestines and large instestines.

-Leg training and governor channel.

6. Yin Heel channel (Yingqiao Mai) Inside leg

-connected to 2 kidney point cavities

-sex organ in men and women- jing, Qi, and shen nourishment.

7. Yang Linking channel- Yang Wei Mai (outside leg)

-Qi in Yang- bladder, gall bladder, 3 warmer, small intestine, stomach and governor vessel 15 and 16.

8. Yin Linking Channel- Yin Wei Mai (Inside Leg)

-kidney ,spleen ad liver

conception channel- 22 and 23.