36 Yang Taiji methods

- peng- knee to leg and sweep behind after catching punch

- penglu combo:block up and pull in

- luji combo- catch with lu and press

- an- push

- dan bien- single whip:(3) 1-hook hand grab variation and palm strike toface

- 2 – from pushing

- 3- hook hand to face

- raise hands- lift up at opponents armpit and kick/trip

- crane spreads wings-1-strike to head from left strike or 2 strike to rib from a rt strike, 3 kick to groin from pushing. Defense from 2 strikes

- brush knee-strike to face, or grapple behind arm and sweep,

- pipa- elbow lock

- parry punch- block and strike

- apparent close up- catch and push

- cross hands-slip under and grab leg flipping opponent

- carry tiger to mt- turn and sweep leg and push chest from a rear attacker

- punch under elbow- circle walk and chop to neck, punch rib/kidney

- repulse- step back and punch chest or turning major hip throw lift with back

- slant fly-shoulder throw

- pull down-step back and pull down, or groin strike

- fan back- lift arm and strike rib or pull down and open fan throw

- turn and strike- elbow, backfist, and also a turn over and punch low to stomach

- high pat horse-counter and strike to nose

- kick- cover and kick to area

- punch down- block with a punch down to head

- strike tiger left and right- chi-na to wrist and punch face

- punch ears-escape wrist grab and punch ears

- part horse-split

- fair maiden-block up and strike

- snake down- lift up

- rooster- palm strike and knee

- white snake- same as turn and strike but open hand and attack throat with left hand

- turn and kick-to ribs or chest kick

- groin punch –block kick and punch drill repeating

- seven star- upper block and kick or boxing punch

- ride tiger-step back and rib strike

- sweep lotus-sweep and 2nd kick

- bend bow shoot tiger-pull in and punch

Push hands-

Basic circle

Dive rolling with change to other side

-Arm roll (hang up and ends palm up and overturn to palm down)

#2 with circle

-Chi-na big lu grab (#2 with changing arms)

Inner arm circles

#2 in a circle

#3 double arms inside to outside

-Wave hands in forward and backward step

#2-with circle walking

-Brush knee inward circle in walking circle

-Double chi-na back to back circles

-Grab escape and strike drill

-Piercing palms changing feet (same hand and arm)#2 step back and fourth