36 LIANG GONG SHIR BA FA- Therapeutic Chinese Health Exercise This is a exercise technique that combines the ancient methods of the yi ling jing(muscel and tendo change classic), Ba dua Jing (8 piece brocade), Daoyin and tuna methods (movement and breathing methods), and wuxing (5 animals of hua toa) as well as other techniques such as acupressure and massage. These exercises are very beneficial to recovery from illnesses and injuries. They are designed to stretch the fascia tissue layers that extend from the head to the feet. 12 of these are in the head and neck regions.


1. Neck strengthening- turn head left, right, up, and down, coordinate the turning with breathing

2. Strengthening the shoulders- hands to front, pull back to shoulders look through hole in fist.

3. Extending the Hands- reach up and pull arm to shoulder level, watch the hands and look through the fists

4. Expand the chest- place one hand on top of the other in front of you, raise above, separate with palms up, when hands are at the shoulder level turn over palms down, return to start position.


5. Flapping wings- place back of hands on kidneys raise up to the sides watching elbows, bring elbows to the front wrists touching, bring hands down front facing each other.

6. Raise one arm- place one hand on kidney raise one arm above head, place hand above other hand and raise the other arm

7. Stretch sides with hands up-clasp hand in front and raise over head in a stretch, bend sideway to left twice , return to front and repeat for right side


8. Push away while twisting-push left palm in front, turn to right and look over shoulder while right fist is chambered, repeat other side

9. Rotate the pelvis- hands on small of back rotate hips, while keeping head in place

10. Arm stretch and Body bend- drill #4 combined with bending forward hands to floor

11. Thrusting hand in bow stance-turn to left thrust out hand with thumb and fingers open, repeat for right


12. Stretch up to touch the feet- do #7 beginning, then bend forward and touch feet

13. Rotate the knees- feet together ,bend knees, place hands on them and make circles,do both directions

14. Drop stance- bend one leg keep other straight, turn body 45 degrees towards straight leg

15. Squat and stretch- bend down like #13 place hands on feet and stretch back of legs


16. Horse stance side stretch-wide stance place left hand on right knee, watch right hand while it stretches up, repeat other side

17. Clasp knee to Chest- balance on one leg and hold knee up as high as you can

18. Hero Stroll- step with left leg heel touch ground, bend down to stretch leg, go back up, transfer weight to left leg and bend hips forward and stretch the bottom sole of the right foot as only the toes touch the floor. This activates the liver and kidney meridian.


19. Horse squatting-hand push out and sink stance, rise up bringing hands to body

20. Half sit stance-turn rt toes inward, left toes outward, squat with rt knee inside left leg look over left shoulder with chambered fist, while rt. Hand stretches forward- do both sides

21. Searching up, down, left and right- press up with rt. Hand, turn body to left sweeping down along body to the feet , sweeping across feet. Do other side

22. Climb the mountain-press up look back use mt stance

23. Extending the foot-

24. Sweeping the stance

25. Pushing away - push hands up, out, twist left push, turn rt. Push

26. Archery

27. Wrist stretching in two directions

28. Push up and hook the hand behind

29. Punch in horse stance

30. Twisting to awaken the wind and life door-ming men and lung point tapping

31. Rubbing the face-massage mouth point,go up nose, press along brow ,pressing to ear, pressing down to chin, press back up face to scalp, massage Gall bladder 20 at base on skull

32. Press the hands and massage the abdomen and chest-massage hegu point, massage peaceful sleep point, rub 4x small circle, 4 big circle, reverse direction and make circles smaller

33. Massage the scalp- comb through scalp, rub neck, press memory and mind points

34. Yin Yang press palms and raise knee

35. Bending and twisting-twist l+r and bend forward and back

36.Cosmic washing-