18 taijiqigong

18 Taiji Qigong

Consciousness training

1. Raising hands- heart smiling, breathing rises and falls like a fountain

2. Expanding chest- opening arms, looking far in distance from a mountiantop

3. Waving Rainbow- free will with rainbow between palms

4. Dividing clouds- dividing the clouds with joy

5. Circling Arms- (repulse monkey)- arms lubricating at joints

6. Rowing on a Lake- rowing with joy

7. Raise the ball- play with ball like a child

8. Turn to view moon- Moon of mid autumn festival with family reunion happiness

9. Push the palm- inhale health air for inner energy

10. Wave the cloud hands-carelessly watching the clouds

11. Scoop sea view the sky- scooping water to sprinkle on the body

12. Pushing the wave- rush forward like a wave

13. Open doves winds- feel like a flying dove in fresh air

14. Punching fists- breaking thru barriers

15. Flying wild Geese- fly freely

16. Flying wheel- body turning a giant wheel

17. Stepping and slap ball- happy, relaxed, feel childish like bouncing ball

18. Settling breath- end well adjusted