Yang Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) "Grand Ultimate Boxing"

above image from left to right: Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, unknown, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang).

The Yang Family first brought Tai Chi Chuan out of obscurity in the 1800's during the Ching dynasty as founder Yang Lu Chan left Chen village after training with Chen Changxin. Yang Lu Chan taught members of the Royal family and soldiers of the Imperial guard in Beijing. His sons, 2nd generation Yang Ban Hou and Yang Chien Hou continued to train and spread Tai Chi. It was however 3rd generation Master Yang Chen Fu, who standardized and taught the "Long form" around all provinces of China and eventually the world. 4th generation Yang Zhen Dou (3rd son of Yang Chen Fu) and 6th generation Yang Jun (Seattle Washington USA) are the head of the International Yang Family Association. link to Yang Family Tai Chi Association


Fu Zhong Wen (pictured above) was a disciple of Yang Chen Fu, he founded the Yongnian Yang Taijiquan Association 70 years ago in Shanghai. Fu Zhong Wen has passed away, however his son Fu Sheng Yuan and James Qing Quan Fu still teach in Asia and abroad. link to World Yongnian Tai Chi Association

   Tai Chi Chuan (pinyin- Taijiquan) translates as Grand Ultimate Boxing. Grand Ultimate is the power of the universe, its duality, and polarity of the 'Yin' and 'Yang' forces described by the Taoist Sages.

Polaris (Northern Star) Wushu (Chinese War Arts) Boxing is a complete system offering Traditional and Modern Martial Arts for Health, Strength, Sports, Combat, and Spirit. Yongnian Taiji Motto: Diligence, Perseverance, Respect, Sincerity.

Chinese Fighting: San Da, San Shou and Lei Tai Full Contact

Chinese San Shou and Lei Tai Fighting have been around for hundreds of years as proving ground of fighting skills between various schools in the Chinese Gong fu Martial Arts Community.

   There are still Neijia (Internal) schools (Tai Chi Chuan, Pa-kua Chang, Hsing-yi Chuan, Yi Chuan, etc.) existing that carry on the tradition of using internal Gong Fu as a full contact fighting martial art. Even though its spiritual and health benefits will always outlast the combative and sport aspects in the long run, it is important to not let the true meaning of the art be lost. Neijia's were first famous as martial arts and the integrity of being a martial arts should be honored and preserved for future generations.

We also offer sport competition if that is what you are looking for: Taolu (forms), Weapon forms and fighting, Tui Shou (push hands), Beginner/intermediate Point fighting and Continuous fighting, and Sanda/San Shou/Lei Tai (full contact fighting). Coach has all the experience from forms, weapons, push hands, and full contact fighting to help take you places, make you a champion, and steer you to the right people.

Tai Chi Chuan Fighters, Classics, and Philosophy

Home of the IMA Combat Hall of Fame

Yang Lu Chan

   and grandson Yang Chen Fu are among  our highest esteemed past masters who have shown prowess abilities with using the internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan as a combative martial art. "Seek Quiescence within Motion."-Yang Chen Fu

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Tai Chi philosophy and the I-Ching

Tai Chi (pin yin. Tai Ji) is the name of the energy at the time of creation that was formless.  To give this energy definition, the ancient Taoist Shamans' and Sages' distinguished it as having two powerful forces called "Yin and Yang".

"If the opponent's movement is quick, then quickly respond; if his movement is slow, then follow slowly." -Tai Chi Chuan Classic.

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Tai Chi for Health: Recent Medical Studies and News

Harvard Researchers study Tai Chi Benefits

Group of Tai Chi players. Harvard Magazine shares some insights into how Tai Chi has benefited peoples' health and lifestyle.

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WebMD's research and Tai Chi and Qigong health benefits.

Mayo Clinic on Tai Chi for health

Tai Chi in Yahoo News

Mainstream internet news Yahoo.com also recently covered a story on the slow and graceful movements of Tai Chi for aging gracefully and improving quality of life.

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The Treasure Trove of Tai Chi research:Taichiresearch.com

As the website says: the portal of all health related studies an Tai Chi and Qigong. Every study is probably documented here.

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